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Jun 30 2020 07:36

I learn something new everyday

I became a devoted Panarchist, a school of anarchism that rejects globalism in favor of militant localism, and dreams of a world of a million autonomous zones,

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R Totale
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Jun 30 2020 07:58

Jesus, a bit embarrassing for Counterpunch that they published that:

Nicky Reid is an agoraphobic anarcho-genderqueer gonzo blogger from Central Pennsylvania and assistant editor for Attack the System.

Attack the System? Where have I heard that name before?

Keith Preston, who calls himself a "fellow traveler" of National-Anarchism, is in some ways even more dangerous. Preston is a former left-wing anarchist who advocates a revolutionary alliance of leftist and rightist libertarians against U.S. imperialism and the state. Unlike many far rightists who claim to be "beyond left and right," Preston actually incorporates many leftist ideas in his political philosophy and apparently is still in touch with some actual leftists. An intelligent, prolific writer, Preston has established himself over the past decade as a respected voice in libertarian, paleoconservative, and "Alternative Right" circles. His "anarcho-pluralism" represents a sophisticated reworking of far right politics that is flexible, inclusive, and appeals to widely held values such as "live and let live." Unlike most rightist ideologies, it also has the potential to serve as a bridge between a wide variety of rightist currents such as white nationalists, Patriot/militia groups, Christian rightists, and National-Anarchists — and even some left-wing anarchists, liberal bioregionalists/environmentalists, and nationalist people of color groups...

Keith Preston is the moving force behind the Attack the System website/blog [ATS] and its affiliate organization, American Revolutionary Vanguard [ARV]. He is a contributing editor at and has written for a number of paleocon and libertarian sites, including Taki's Magazine,, and

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Jul 2 2020 12:18

Counterpunch has the worst editing of any left publication I know of, they seem to publish virtually everything people submit to them. I think they said they were gonna tighten up vetting of articles after they accidentally published stuff by a Russian bot a few years ago, but I guess the net's still wide enough for this shit to go through. From memory, they still publish stuff by the guy who founded the National American Man Boy Love association.