Popular 'Comedian' and the Ugly Face of Disability Discrimination

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jef costello
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Apr 21 2012 21:56
Diddy-D wrote:
What you're hoping to achieve with this post, I'm not too sure.

Me neither really. I was quite annoyed with some of your posts and amused by the fact that you then backed down. Pleased as well, I'd rather see someone accept others' arguments' and explanations than arguments. Mainly I started writing it and then even though half of it wasn't really necessary I still posted it, another bad habit on the internet.

On that note, in the 'politics of the privileged' thread, I posted that peeps in developing nations tend to have a lower incidence of severe mental illness, and that their recovery rate tends to be higher. You stated that I had made the assertion, without any evidence. I then went on to cite two major studies conducted by the World Health Organization, over several decades, as evidence.

I wonder if you would care to comment constructively on that, in that thread

I posted on the thread but I think it droped off the tracker while I was on holiday. To be fair if you don't care enough about a thread to go back and read responses to your posts then you have to ask what the point of making them was. I'll have a look for the thread later on.

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Apr 23 2012 17:15
RedEd wrote:
To be fair though, we do live in a society in which disabled people face greatly increased rates of abuse, poverty, murder and so on, and that does in part have to deal with popular portrayals of disability. Including, of course, demonisation of disabled people in the hatefull rag you mention.

I will admit that my post was a very cheap shot, but only to point out the hypocrisy of the Mail itself(the paper that has the biggest axe to grind against the disabled) trying to pretend it cared about the disabled oh-so-much. As for Gervais...I think he's an unfunny, smug twunt who strives to be "controversial" and all that wank(particularly in this routine, for example). However, I can't comment on Derek as I haven't seen it.

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Apr 24 2012 06:46

Anyways, it's all good.

We all suffer under capital, whether we have disabilities or not. And I am confident that the peeps here care about the disabled. I would rather trust an anarchist to have compassion, than a bourgeois, any day smile

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Apr 24 2012 09:36

Can I just say on a related note I couldn't believe it when the guy in the wheelchair in Glee got up and started dancing around.

In 2011, having a TV character in a wheelchair played by someone who isn't a wheelchair user, just absolutely shocking, and no excuse. It's as bad as this: