On the Recent Developments in TEKEL struggle in Turkey

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Jan 26 2010 22:23
On the Recent Developments in TEKEL struggle in Turkey

Today there are important news from TEKEL struggle;

Today the leader of the 6 turkish union confederations (apart from the islamic one) held a bureacuratic meeting to decide on the general strike. Previously they were telling that we will give time till the 26th (today) for the government to decide and if they do not accept our demand to withdraw the 4/C law (for flexible work and decreasing the wages) we will go to strike. Various government ministers and prime minister himself insulted to workers and told they will give nothing. However just one hour before the confederation bureaucrats' meeting, the prime minister announced that he agreed to meet with the union leaders on the 28th of this month.

Then the unions decided to go on strike on the 3rd of February. It is obvious for me that the union is trying to step back from the struggle as far as it can.

However there are also some other exciting news;

- the contractual and flexible education workers opened a tent near the TEKEL workers' tents four or five days ago. They are saying that "this struggle against flexibilization and attacks against the working/living conditions are the struggle of all of us".

- On the other hand while the confederation traitor's was holding the meeting they were practically pressed by the workers' outside and inside the union building. It is reported that their general opinion is "the government is maneouvering and if TURK-İŞ (the union confederation that TEKEL workers are members of) will let us be fooled by the government the union also will not be spared by our anger!"

The situation as I could observe is hard for the turkish burgeoisie. On the one hand the stupid agressive declerations of government and on the other hand the workers' increasing solidarity across sectors are pressing the unions. Government itself is stuck between a huge internal dispute with the opposition parties because of some complo theories about a coup by military published by a liberal journal...

In one sense while both the unions and government is trying to gain time they are also pressed by the fact that time is on the side of the workers since as time passes the solidarity is advencing...