Rob Williams shop steward at Ford Swansea sacked .. factory occupied

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Apr 28 2009 19:26
Rob Williams shop steward at Ford Swansea sacked .. factory occupied

Communication from Visteon Support:

>>>Rob Williams, the Unite convenor of the Linamar car parts factory in Swansea and vice chair of the NSSN, was called into the directors' office of the plant on Tuesday 28 April and told that he was being sacked for "irretrievable breakdown of trust". This blatant victimisation of one of the leading left-wing shop steward activists in the car industry was met by an immediate production line walk-off by the day shift. They surrounded Rob's union office after management called in police to forcibly remove Rob from the building.

Rob has been very active in the campaign of the sacked Visteon car parts workers and has recently visited all three of their plants. His sacking is likely to be linked to his role in this struggle. The Visteon Unite convenors are demanding that Rob be reinstated and they, alongside many others, are calling on Unite joint general secretary Tony Woodley to also back the immediate reinstatement of Rob.

Phone protests to:
* Head of Swansea Linamar Brian Wade 01792 656339
* Personnel Manager 01792 656 238

Messages of protest to

Messages of support to Rob Williams:
Send messages urging Unite to defend Rob and other lay officials to the Wales secretary of Unite:

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May 1 2009 14:23

Jesus... the facebook group has just been a continual slagging match between Socialist Party members and a disgruntled ex-member of their 'flock'. Continued attempts from neutral parties to stop the shit-slinging and focus on supporting the action never seem to last very long.

It seems that the Socialist party is determined to make this a purely SP run 'campaign' - starting a second group (with (official) at the end of it) and then having a go at the man who started the first one for not asking 'permission'. The SP group description begins with: 'Socialist Party member Rob Williams, the Unite convenor of the Linamar car parts factory in Swansea...' as if that was the most important part of the whole affair.

It just makes me so angry... I have this urge to just let rip. Call them out about their slavish subservience to 'the Party' and their apparent belief that no action that isn't co-ordinated centrally can be worthwhile. The only thing that has stopped me is the realisation that I'd just be joining in the shitstorm driving neutral people away from supporting this man and the brave workers who took action to defend him.

Sorry to rant, but I just had to vent...