Sweden: SAC representative beaten and threatened with murder - forced to withdraw claim

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Jul 9 2012 10:09
Sweden: SAC representative beaten and threatened with murder - forced to withdraw claim

Thought I'd put this up, as despite the fluent English not much news seems to come out of Sweden. Also putting this up as there's a level of sick irony when the media in Sweden accuse SAC of mafia tactics.

PRESS RELEASE: Trade union representative beaten and threatened with murder - forced to withdraw their demands

Monday, July 2 beaten and received death threats a union representative from the Västerorts LS of SAC in his home by people linked to the criminal gang Werewolf Legion. With a knife to his throat, he was forced to withdraw all union claims against an agency.
- This is an attack on the entire trade union movement. We demand that the government and the police take this development seriously, says Anders Knutsson, Information Coordinator for the SAC-Syndicalists.

Monday, July 2 beaten and received death threats a union representative from the West Local LS of SAC in his home by people linked to the criminal gang Werewolf Legion. The background to the beating and the threat is a labor dispute between members of the union and an agency operating in the hospitality industry. The union had called the company to negotiate, on two invalid layoffs and wage requirements, and owed holiday pay.
Negotiations had begun with a first meeting. When the negotiations were to continue the company wanted it to happen on the company premises.
But a new round of negotiations never happened. Instead, six people forced themselves into the union representative's apartment at 21 on Monday evening, July 2. The attackers were led by a former top member of the criminal gang Werewolf Legion who is also the brother of the owners of the agency.
The assailants struck the trade union representative repeatedly against the head and demanded that the union withdraw the requests made ​​against the agency. With a knife against his throat the union representative was forced to call the owner of the agency and promise that all the demands would be dropped. After the phone call the former Werewolf Legion leader said to the union representative that he was personally considered in debt of half a million kronor to the Werewolf Legion leader, to be paid within one month otherwise the union representative would be killed. In the apartment were also the union representatives wife and children who were kept locked up in another room during the assault.
SAC has for a long time followed with concern the development among agencies. Few follow collective agreements.
Labor market regulations on employment contracts, work conditions and vacation pay are followed even more rarely. Wages are often paid out black with great irregularity. Many agencies have owners, or connections to people, with a long criminal history and it is far from uncommon for the companies to be used to launder money for criminal gangs. It was only a matter of time until they would start beating and giving death threats to trade unionists.
SAC demands that the police and Minister for Labour Hillevi Engstrom takes this development seriously and immediately establishes a program to get the agencies to follow the rules of labor and Swedish legislation.


This a quickly cleaned up google translation. bemanningsföretag is like a temp agency or employment/staffing agency but I left the translation as agency. Also "Med kniven mot strupen" is an expression in Swedish as far as I understand, but it's literal here.

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Jul 9 2012 11:48

Absolutely disgusting stuff, thanks for tidying up the translation

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Jul 9 2012 14:41

In this case it wasn't an idiomatic expression regarding the knife, sadly only an expression of the tight connections between criminal gangs and shady temp agencies. Let's see if any major media pick this up in Sweden - they haven't been slow on blowing up accusations of SAC being a mafia extorting money from poor entrepreneurs these last couple of years...

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Jul 10 2012 02:21

fucked up.

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Jul 10 2012 09:10

German translation by the FAU-IAA: http://syndikalismus.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/gewerkschaftsvertreter-durch-schlage-und-morddrohungen-zur-rucknahme-von-forderungen-gezwungen/

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Jul 11 2012 04:41


Massive love and solidarity from the other side of the planet.

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Jul 12 2012 10:40

Some information on how to support (please spread among your organizations!)

The Restaurant and Hotel Workers' Syndicate of Stockholm reports a tide of solidarity, with more than 3500 eur having been donated by organizations and individuals in just 3 days. The money goes towards security precautions and living costs for the SAC member and his family, and any surplus will be donated the SAC local in order for it to be able to continue bringing righteous pain to criminal employers and justice to hard-working comrades.

If you'd like to contribute to helping our comrade and contributing to our cause, here is the info needed for international donations:
IBAN: SE4930000000032520195169
Address: SAC-huset, Sveavägen 98, Box 6507 113 83 Stockholm.
Sign it "Ekonomiskt Stöd" or "Ek Stö"

If you have further questions on how to help out, please contact info@sac.se

For more info on the kind of fights SAC is involved in that makes it such a threat to the unholy alliance of temp staffing and the criminal underworld:

This is not the first time extreme violence has been leveled against syndicalists active in their workplace - 13 years ago, another SAC activist put his life on the line by standing up for justice and was found brutally murdered by nazis: http://libcom.org/library/sac-activist-murdered-fascists

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Jul 12 2012 13:19

been forwarding this info around.

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Jul 13 2012 16:05

WSA Solidarity email to SAC:

Swedish Centralorganization of Workers (SAC)
Västerorts LS
Restaurant and Hotel Workers' Syndicate

Dear comrades,

The Workers Solidarity Alliance (W.S.A.) sends you our solidarity. We
also send our concern for the safety and well being of the attacked
SAC member and their family.

Our concern extends to all SAC members and workers. W.S.A.
remembers the cold blooded killing by nazis some 13 years ago of SAC
member Borg Soderberg in his fight for real workers empowerment.

Restaurant workers the world over are faced with the same wage theft
and injustice. From the kitchens of New York to Stockholm,
workers are treated to harsh conditions. W.S.A. salutes the SAC in your
struggle to change those conditions. In the fight for workers
dignity, bread, and a new world.

Our numbers are small, but our solidarity is large.

Good luck with your struggles….WSA stands with you!

WSA Corresponding Secretary

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Aug 7 2012 16:32

Can't help but agree that this is disgusting. So much for all that tosh about "moderatism" and "democracy" versus the "extremisms of beoth Left and Right". roll eyes

Also, what is this 'Werewolf Legion'? Sounds vaguely fash.

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Jul 14 2012 18:51
EGADS wrote:
Also, what is this 'Werewolf Legion'? Sounds vaguely fash.

Sweden has a curious amount of proper west wearing gangs (biker and otherwise). Werewolf Legion is one of the bikeless ones that started in prison. Based mainly in Haninge outside Stockholm. From what I've heard it's a mixed race gang with some satanist(!?) might is right ideological overtones. They were supposed to be on the decline/over but apparently still active.

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Jul 17 2012 11:04

What makes this even more horrible is that a book was published about the SAC where they where accoused of using "biker gang methods"...

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Jul 17 2012 15:04

can we time warp young Red Action / Red Warriors to sort out these fucks

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Jul 19 2012 09:46

The solidarity fund has received 6116 EUR, covering the living costs for the union activist and the family of the activist for the next 3 months. Big ups to everyone who contributed! However, the collection will be on-going until July 31, with donations going towards the struggles of Västerorts LS of SAC. "For us, any many others, it is important that people show support and solidarity when comrades are in trouble", write the organizers of the collection.

Regarding Werewolf Legion, the Werewolf Legion in question here has nothing to do with the earlier satanical gang - however they have appropriated their logo (for reasons unknown to me)

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Jul 30 2012 13:55

Solidarity with Beaten and Extorted Comrades of SAC
By Landon