Tenants occupy council house in Streatham

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Caiman del Barrio
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Apr 5 2009 17:17
Tenants occupy council house in Streatham

c/p from email...demo's already passed, apologies:

Lambeth tenants , residents and trade unionists have occupied a two
bedroom council home in Streatham, Lambeth , to demand that the
council withdraw the flat from the market immediately - along with the
other properties that are due to be auctioned on this Monday , April

Join us in leafleting the Sackville estate tonight - meet 6pm Nandos
junction of Streatham High Road and Leigham Avenue or come to the
protest tomorrow on the estate at 11am.

27 Howland House on the Sackville Estate is just one of the council
flats currently being sold off at rock-bottom prices by Lambeth
Council.* Why is the council SELLING flats* at a time when more and
more people are facing homelessness through repossessions and
redundancy? There are already 17,000 people on Lambeth’s housing
waiting list and almost 2,000 people in temporary accommodation -
two-thirds of those need a two-bedroom home just like 27 Howland
House. *We demand that Lambeth withdraw this, and other council
properties, from the planned auction on Monday.*

Lambeth Council say they can only keep to their budget by selling
properties and having massive rent increases. *We believe that it’s
not good enough to punish ordinary council tenants – and the thousands
of people who would like to be council tenants – because of a
financial crisis we didn’t create*. If the government can find money
to bail out failing banks then why not give local authorities the
resources they need to tackle the housing crisis ?

In February 2009 Lambeth council said that it had 688 'long cycle'
empty homes and 194 'shortcycle 'empty homes. Lambeth Tenants Council
voted this week against the sale of any ' void' properties and
demanded that the local authority explain their policy of sell-offs.

*Stop the sale of council homes !! *

*Emergency measures must be taken to house families on the waiting
list and reduce overcrowding *

For more information contact Paul O'Brien *in the occupation* -
07854994409 or currently on the Sackville estate , Stephen Hack,
secretary, Lambeth Defend Council Housing 07944293854

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Apr 5 2009 18:27

good stuff

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Apr 5 2009 23:45

very good

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Apr 6 2009 20:41

Beaut - good luck with it

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Apr 7 2009 09:22

This is really good stuff.

Will you be giving us updates Alan? Nice to have met you on the weekend by the way.