Three months in prison for facebook posting.

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jef costello
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Oct 13 2010 12:51
Three months in prison for facebook posting.

The man, 19, was arrested and sentenced to three months in prison and a fine of 750 euros.
He was originally stopped by police of supsicion of drunk driving and was forced to walk home by them. He then posted a series of insults on his facebook page. Six months later the psts were seen by poliuce and they decided to press charges and he was prosecuted for "insulting someone exercising public authority".

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Oct 13 2010 13:27

Someone should tell those idiots that no, they cannot intimidate people into going back to using Minitel instead of this American internet.

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Oct 13 2010 13:48

Outrageous! - the term "outrage" is used to prosecute anyone who "outrages" a public sector employee.... 4 weeks ago or so i was threatened with arrest by gendarmes for committing an "outrage"; when asked what this outrageous act was, the chief gendarme said (twice, because, finding it hard to believe my ears, I asked him to repeat it), "You criticised the President". So I'm now trying to become a public sector employee so i can prosecute all you posters out there who dare criticise me.