Undercover cop spends six years in direct action groups

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Mike Harman
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Dec 20 2010 13:04
Undercover cop spends six years in direct action groups

Apologies if there's already a thread for this, but I couldn't find it if so:


With his long hair, tattoos and body piercings, nobody suspected that their comrade in saving the planet was a detective. But Stone is thought to be a member of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), a secret unit known as “the Hairies” because officers can wear their hair as they please.
According to one former member, only married officers are accepted into the unit, as they are less likely to “go native” if they have families to return to.
Called “Flash” because he had more money than other activists, Stone became a familiar face in Nottingham, hanging about at the Sumac centre, a vegan cafe and social club for people concerned with human and animal rights, the environment and pacifism. He lived with activists in the city.
His former friends say he was vehemently anti-police, a pose slightly at odds with a community more inclined to organise workshops on what they perceive as “bad policing” than to fight about it.
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Dec 20 2010 13:09

Scary stuff.

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Dec 20 2010 13:25

Same case on uk indymedia

similar case in Germany recently

Older case in the UK

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Chilli Sauce
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Dec 20 2010 16:49

That article is fucking scary.

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Jan 20 2011 13:09

I just read a very interesting article (with a good introduction) about Mark Stone/Kennedy here http://turbellaria.blogspot.com/2011/01/mark-stonekennedy-looking-beyond-grassy.html

Apparently it has been censored from UK indymedia. Maybe it should be reposted in Library or even in News? I will let those in the UK decide.

Some interesting quotes

As with the avalanche of coverage which would come a few weeks later, one of the common themes was the utter worthlessness of the UK environmental movement in terms of infiltration, a slant on the story that appears to have come from the environmentalists themselves and that they would later shamelessly parrot endlessly for the bourgeois media. The cops it seems should have been focussing their resources on less ‘fluffy’ activists than these “hippies and tree-huggers”.
Despite the media lie that would dominate coverage for days to come, the trial was NOT halted because Kennedy had offered to give evidence for the defence... The false story that the media seized on was that Kennedy had “gone native” and that the trial had collapsed because of his offer of help. It was a lie they were able to run with because of the assistance of traitors who have collaborated with the press, often they have been people who barely knew Kennedy personally. Either way, they have queued up to do the media’s bidding, with Simon Lewis’s posh girlfriend Sophie Stevens, an ‘activist’ with all the pedigree of a Hush Puppy, even appearing on Newsnight. While the media frenzy has been useful in terms of Steven’s CV, and the egos (and perhaps pockets) of the other media whores, the truth about Kennedy “going native” is that it has since transpired he is now working for a private security company.
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Feb 21 2011 03:59

Somewhat belatedly - but just seen this: http://northern-indymedia.org/articles/1270 (from Jan 20th).

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Feb 22 2011 12:29

Admin: comment removed, user banned for repeated inflammatory comments.

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Mar 9 2011 21:07

This is a pretty good take on the subject, from a week ago.