Edmonton, Canada May Day 2010 Rally and March

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Edmonton, Canada May Day 2010 Rally and March

Edmonton May Day 2010 Rally and March

Saturday May 1st, 2010

4:00 pm: Gather at Giovanni Caboto Park (95th Street + 108 A Avenue)

6:00 pm-midnight: After party at Jekyll and Hyde Pub and Restaurant (10209 100 Avenue)

Boom or Bust: In Workers’ Struggle We Trust!

Workers did not create this economic crisis but it is we who suffer the most from it. Governments continue to buffer corporations and pass on the burdens to us through cuts to social programs, tuition increases, increased deregulation, and attacks on workers’ rights. We are told to be patient, tighten our belts, and wait for the next upswing. But we will not sit passively by and wait for bosses and politicians to improve our lives.

It is essential that we reclaim the proud working class history of May 1, International Workers’ Day. This history is rooted in the struggle for the 8-hour day, and May Day has come to represent the spirit of International Solidarity. It is an occasion to foster genuine solidarity amongst all workers, whether they be Canadian, migrant, immigrant or undocumented, unemployed or underemployed, indigenous, students, and all exploited and oppressed sectors in Canadian society.

In Edmonton, we will join the millions of workers across the world that have been mobilizing on May 1st for over 100 years, marching in celebration, struggle, and unity. We celebrate our achievements and the dignity we gain through the struggle to create a more just and equal society.

Boom or Bust: In Workers’ Struggle We Trust!

Ø Workers and students won’t pay for a crisis we didn’t create;

Ø Reclaim and celebrate the proud working class history of May 1;

Ø An injury to one is an injury to all;

Ø Workers must fight to win!

Organizations are invited to endorse this event.

Get involved! Help with placard making and postering, or contact us to find other ways to contribute:

For postering: 2:00 p.m. Sunday April 18th
For banner and placard making: 2:00 p.m. Sunday April 25th
Meet at #201, 7603 – 104 Street

For more information, contact maydayedmonton@gmail.com or visit maydayedmonton.ca