Direct Action Autumn 2012

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Apr 13 2012 12:18
Direct Action Autumn 2012

Latest issue of Direct Action, newspaper of the Australian Regional Organising Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World:

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Apr 13 2012 21:50

Thanks for this, really like the layout and design.

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Apr 14 2012 18:00

My first thought on seeing this was that SolFed had finally resurrected their magazine. DISSAPOINT.


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Apr 15 2012 04:50

here is an easier to read version...

peoples thoughts ?

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Rob Ray
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Apr 15 2012 13:28

It's not showing up on that second link.

It's pretty good, one suggestion I might make would be to switch to a serif font for your body text as it's better suited for reading large blocks of writing (the technical aspect is that traditional Roman fonts are both more easily recognised by the eye because of familiarity and have more indicators of shape/direction for an easier reading flow). Palatino is a nice light font which should fit in well with a restrained headline style, is readable at smaller sizes and retains decent resolution on a screen.

Another note would be on subheadings, which at the moment are tending to fade into the background. You could maybe shift colour, weight and/or size to help them pop out, this also helps break the text up to make it look less intimidating.

A minor issue with the actual design is that it feels a little unbalanced as you have a strong black line at the top of the new article but then have nothing at the bottom of the page. This leads to a visual illusion of the text "falling off" and could be solved by placing another similarly weighted line at the bottom as a subliminal indicator that the page has ended.

As a related thing, remember to line up your columns so they are on the same horizontal at the top and bottom, if you're having trouble you can either switch on baseline grid or the text box "Justify" option can help (though don't use it to hide a ten-line shortage in copy or the last column will stretch).

On pullout quotes, you seem to have two styles on pages 6 and 12, is that deliberate? If so it's best to be consistent on the more structured approach you've used so maybe pick one to stick with.

Hope that doesn't come off as too critical, I like the design and this is mainly just professional tweaking!

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Apr 15 2012 21:59