A Call for Participation in November 3 Solidarity Action

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Oct 25 2004 18:26
A Call for Participation in November 3 Solidarity Action

<b>A Call for Participation in November 3 Solidarity Action</b>


saluton, i forward following e-mail. thanx. our group will join this

action. in solidarity.(rebel_JILL)javascript:emoticon('circle A')

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A Call for Participation in November 3 Solidarity Action of

the Have-Nots in Tokyo:

Resist Social Exclusion! Oppose Globalization and War!

Join us this fall for a broad-based action to unite all

persons facing social exclusion,

the have-nots!

We, the central but not sole, organizers for this call to

solidarity are actively meshed within the daily laborer and

homeless rights movement in Japan. In our work, persons

trapped in homelesslessness and poverty, and others

concerned by the cancerous effects of such social ills on

the well-being of humanity, have joined forces in support of

each other, all the while valuing the independent social and

political action of the homeless community. Our pro-active

work includes addressing the government’s accountability in

protecting the rights of those on the street to both

autonomy and assistance, as well as countering corporations

and businesses’ lack of responsibility in regard to rife

exploitation of their employees as seen in incidents of

unpaid wages and unjustified lay-offs after injury.

However, the reality is that the chances for stable

employment grow continuously slimmer as unemployment grows,

and our sisters and brothers are pushed to the streets in

greater numbers with each day. We owe this reality to the

fact that Japanese society has become pregnant with the

ideals and global standards purveying “survival of the

fittest” and neo-liberal globalization inclining its whole

towards inhumane acts of exploitation and ostracism.

The violence inherent in worshipping market-forces gives

birth to none other than the dire poverty and class

divisions evident in, yes, our “advanced nation” of Japan

itself. Uncontracted laborers, temporary and part-time work

forces, migrant laborers, unemployed workers, elderly daily

laborers, the homeless, and workers as a force have had

their rights expropriated and their contributions expunged

from the labor system.

In addition, the global economy had adequately demonstrated

that it has neither room nor concern for the roles of women,

disabled persons, the elderly, ethnic minorities, sexual

minorities, and any persons who are seen or treated as the

weak or despised in society. The Japanese government,

established to act as protector of the rights of its

citizens, has sworn off its culpability in regard to the

growing violations of their rights. In the name of

structural reform, it is moving ahead with the abolition of

public services and social welfare assistance programs.

Those in positions of financial instability not only suffer

from exclusion from and exploitation by labor structures but

are also pushed to the fringes of society, which ultimately

and gravely threatens their very right to being. This year

over 30,000 persons have committed suicide in Japan; This

serves as just one example of the despair growing

ever-stronger today.

Neo-liberal globalization and war are each one side to the

same coin, as the exploitation and exclusion prevalent

within labor markets is simply the flip side fueling the

inculcation and division of the masses for militarization

and war mobilization.

We, the people, are not pawns to be used and tossed aside

so that a handful of men and women be able to make profit.

Today, the need for a broad-based movement to linking us

together is unambiguous; we must stand face to face against

the proponents of globalization and make our anger heard.

In October of last year, we held a demonstration and rally

gathering, "The October 11th International Solidarity for

the Have-Nots -- Say NO to the Violence of War and

Globalization! The homeless, unemployed, underemployed, and

other countless have-nots marched the streets of Shibuya

with the message that “Society is just not right!" This

year, we wish for nothing more than to broaden or alliance

with sister and brother have-nots for an even larger and

more powerful campaign.

The ostracism we each face is allotted under variegated

pretenses and carries many forms, but at the core, every

time, is the structure system of our current society. We

have the right and responsibility to stop globalization in

its tracks with a bellowing NO! and move on to uncover

together a new world to better all our lives. We must cross

divisionary lines arbitrarily placed by the titles of our

fields and victimizations. We are many peoples, many

movements, with one dream in mind.

--------Please Sign Your Name For This Action!---------

send to: nasubi(at)jca.apc.org ...and also, CCing to:


I approve "November 3 Solidarity Action of the Have-Nots in

Tokyo: Resist Social Exclusion! Oppose Globalization and War!"

Your name: (individual or organization)

Your e-mail address(option)



"each rising fist might look a tiny action, BUT! if the poor comrades are united, OUR RISING FISTS will smash every tyrannt and its tyranny. yes, Militant struggles against tyranny & monopolists are Right! Bakunin said,"Passions of destroying are passions of Creating." long live our solidarity! & we must try to build "Mutual aid" communities all over the earth! vi venkos. ni venkos! No pasaran! in solidarity!" --ni_venkos(no scum!)lists.riseup.net--

Mike Harman
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Apr 9 2005 23:39

Has anyone heard from rebel_JILL lately?

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Apr 10 2005 19:21

Dear Catch;

i continue to try to do the right things on the road-sides/public spaces in jap islands. maybe, i will join the Inter-NAZIonal tent city/squatters Day on 15 May. this event will organize by canadian/amerikan homeless liberation activists and squatters. la batalo continuos...vi venkos! ni venkos!! ni ne estas la ruboj. ni ne transiru!!! NO PASARAN!!!! in solidarity. circle A

Mike Harman
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Apr 10 2005 23:45

Good to see you're still around. I can't imagine there are many Canadian/American squatters/activists in Japan...

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Apr 11 2005 00:49

Dear Catch;

sorry, my "english" words are so crass... in japanese islands(japan), there are no canadian/amerikan squatters(or homeless people) in japanese islands. most of THEM are incredibly rich people! because foolish jap government support THEM by big money!! if you will be interested in learning jap words, you might be able to teach english to japnese students in japnese islands. if you will apply to the J.E.T. or A.E.T., it will be a cheap/easy way to stay in japnese islands for english speakers in UK, U$A... i recommend english-activists to EAT JAPNESE GOVERNMENT by JET/AET. it will be a big economical supports for your activities.

Tent cities' homeless activists in U$A/canada, squats' activists in U$A/canada, and anti-poverty activists in U$A/canada will hold events on 15th May 2005 at each cities/areas to link each struggles. thanx.

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Apr 11 2005 08:58

Hello Jill.

My girlfriend did JET two years ago, and lived in Fukui... I believe Catch has a Japanese girlfriend, so can probably speak a little Japanese himself...