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Kate Sharpley
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Aug 23 2016 08:16

There's some interesting stuff on the way.
I assume you'd want Osvaldo Bayer's Rebellion in Patagonia to review? Currently out in the US, and copies in the UK to follow.

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Aug 25 2016 19:18

New from thoughtcrime ink.

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Aug 31 2016 05:26

Rather than create a new thread, i think this article can be linked to this topic.

The Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) has received applications for writing grants throughout various waves of organizing over the last two decades. The IAS has offered material support in the form of funds that allow people to take time off work or hire childcare, so they can devote time to reflection and writing. That the IAS is twenty years old this year is almost unheard of in contemporary anarchism. In a world where the life-span of the average organizer seems to be three to five years of committed work, twenty years is like a hundred.