How can I advertise a grass roots anarchist group?

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Dec 1 2015 22:39
How can I advertise a grass roots anarchist group?

I know you can drop leaflets from heights so the leaflets spread but are there any other methods we can use to grow?


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Dec 1 2015 22:51

facebook and twitter

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Dec 1 2015 23:17

Word of mouth, the original and still the best

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Dec 2 2015 19:54

There was a time Freedom newspaper had something towards the back advertising new groups. I'm sure Black Flag did the same. Maybe you should just say who you are and where you're coming from and going to..

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jef costello
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Dec 3 2015 17:42

Are you actually a group seeking to expand or are you trying to create a group?
I don't think the latter is really possible.

In the case of the first perhaps try to organise some kind of event, for example a film screening with radical speaker to try to attract people.

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Mar 13 2016 20:01

Our group has stickers with slogans, and a clear border with our groups name and webadress ( We also poster every now and then. With these methods we try to be present in the public space. Only recently we have found a new member who had been reading on anarchism, found one of our stickers on a lightpole and e-mailed us if he could come by.

Same goes for our small newspaper which we publish every few months/half a year. After it and in it we also try to make some followup where people can come to if they are interested. This is strategically importants, so you make sure that if people are interested, there is an approachable event.

We have every now and then open evenings - moments where people eassilly can come by to listen to our ideas and where we also tell people that if they are interested to become active, they are welcome in our group.

An important question though, is what do you want to do with 'more people'. Can you, as a group offer them something to do. What my experience is, is that people want to learn in the beginning. Its important to help them with this.

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Chilli Sauce
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Mar 14 2016 01:53

Just FYI, when I clicked on your link, my anti-virus software told me not to go there....

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Mar 14 2016 20:43

Thanks for noticing. We have had this before, but there stands a techy-team behind our website so its hardly possible it has something like viruses in it. Last time someone said this, it was also a false-positive. You can contact the company behind virus-scanner to let them check for a false positive, or give me your brand so I can notice them.