"Iama anarchist and I was active in the European extreme right for 5 years. Here is my opinion on antifascism."

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Jun 27 2013 23:57
"Iama anarchist and I was active in the European extreme right for 5 years. Here is my opinion on antifascism."


found this randomly the otherday thought it would be an interesting read for people and a good point for discussion on anti-fa tactics

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Jun 28 2013 03:32

Interesting post there by ExNeoNazi. I don't agree with all aspects of his solution, but he does understand the problem in a pretty practical way. There are some lessons to take from this:

1. From at least the 1890s, anti-Semitism was seen as the Socialism of fools. The label can be applied just as easily to most followers of Fascism. They should be communists or Anarchists, but have wandered into a marketplace of liars and thugs and have proceeded to park their brains in neutral.

2. Fascists are best broken from Fascism in a social situation, where there is no pressure to conform to the ideology and no penalty for backing down.

On the other hand, I don't agree that this negates the need for the use of reasonable force in self defence. A Fascist group is a standing conspiracy to murder and has to be broken up before it kills people. Therefore, I think that turning up to a Fascist demo with a placard that says "Free hugs for Fascists" is seriously counter-productive. Giving these boys lots of hugs might be part of a reasonable strategy, but only when they're out of uniform and out of the company of their mates.

3. The best way of emptying the market place where Fascists recruit angry young men is to build a solid working class movement against capitalism. This would provide a more credible and more inspiring way of addressing the genuine economic grievances that make them angry in the first place. Once again, this is not a substitute for anti-Fascist self-defence, but a complement. Self-defence is a critical tactic. Building an Anarchist Communist movement is the critical strategy.