Leaflet against job cuts at Asda and Bakkavor, Park Royal, London

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Feb 3 2016 09:07
Leaflet against job cuts at Asda and Bakkavor, Park Royal, London

Hey folks,

as you might be aware of, there is quite a crunch in the UK retail chain. Tesco is scrapping night-shifts and night-shift bonuses, Asda is closing shops with 1,000 jobs on the line, in the supply-chain companies like Bakkavor (ready-meals) cut jobs...

We will try to write something more substantial about all this in the near future, at the moment we can only circulate this little leaflet against job cuts - see below - that we gonna distribute today...



The big supermarkets are in the middle of a price war. Tesco has been knocked off the top spot and is now struggling against Aldi and Lidl. They are cutting their workers' pay and 'simplifying' their product range, meaning NO MORE MASH for Bakkavor! And Asda had bad Christmas sales so they are sacking 1000 people in their stores and cut free tea and toast in the mornings.

At Bakkavor, the news is that some people will have to move to the houmous line, that agency workers will lose their jobs and that hours are being cut from 40 to 38 hours. Why should workers suffer a pay cut?! Lots of workers have worked here a long time - 5, 10, 15 years. What thanks do they get? They are good workers, and they already pay the lowest possible amount!

Don't be fooled: Bakkavor, Tesco and Asda have lots of money. Bakkavor announced £30 million profit in November 2015. Tesco announced half yearly profit of £354 million. Asda had £380 million annual profit last year. They try and cut workers pay and jobs because they think we will accept it.

Asda and Bakkavor (Cumberland Avenue) are close to each other in Park Royal and you face a similar attack. Workers should come together to discuss what can be done! If you decide to refuse to bow to the blackmailing we are sure that there will be many people here in West- London to support you!

Let us know what you think - We are a group of local workers fed up with being pushed around.

You can post anonymous messages on this West London workers forum: https://forum.netzwerkit.de/c/workerswildwest

Or email us at: angryworkersworld@gmail.com

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Feb 3 2016 16:47

We distributed the flyer and WorkersWildWest at Bakkavor and Asda, roughly 80 copies...

Bakkavor has three different factories in the area and various departments. Some temp-workers (FirstCall Agency) said that Bakkavor is hiring many new temps at the moment, at the factory which will be affected by job cuts - which is kinda confusing. Some permanent workers said that tomorrow will be a meeting with management, where they will be given information about job cuts and cuts of weekly working hours. Another guy said that it all will only come into effect in April. Most workers are women from Gujarati background, their English is basic, therefore it is not always easy to talk. All workers were interested in the leaflet, meaning, the threat by management is taken seriously. A security guard said that distributing the leaflet is illegal, but we are used to it by now...

Workers at Asda had heard about job cuts and shop closure, but they said that nothing has been announced for the huge Asda store in Park Royal. It is a 24 hour store and given that Tesco has just decided to cut the night-shifts in many stores, this might be something that is looming...

We distributed a few leaflets in nearby Middlesex hospital, but then ran out of leaflets...