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No Pasaran! Japan homeless liberation movement information

@NO PASARAN! urgent appeal of homeless liberation movement in osaka!

by rebel_JILL - Rebel Factory/ osaka Monday, Jan 16 2006, 10:12am

nagaipark_tentvilla (at) address: osaka, jap islands

international / community struggles / appeal /

Comrades and affinities;

saluton from osaka. by the way, this mail is really urgent appeal of

homeless liberation movement in osaka. you might not believe that there

are poor people... however, following msg is so important fact of

japnese islands. especially in osaka, biggest violence and harassments

to the homeless comrades are an official one. so, we have been engaged

in the class war against the city government/their subjects for at least

5 years. hospitality of osaka city? NO KIDDING! on the roadsides,

parks...etc, you can see, there is a lot of dirty violence of this city

by city authorities!! their politics for the poor are really violence to

the poor like a NAZIS/FASCISTs did!!! a few days later, "merciful"

oSSaKKKa city with over hundreds guards(or thousand guards and officers

with polizei pigs) will attack to the 30 homeless comrades. yes,

this is the hiden reality of their hospitality.

anyway, if you will be able to do something, we strongly want you to do

the protest against the branches of osaka city as soon as you can. any

protests to the osaka city authorities and executional committee of

World rose convention are welcome by our comrades!(please BCC send your

protests to: nagaipark_tentvilla (at) and kamapat (at) )

thanx. in solidarity.












VI VENKOS! NI VENKOS!! NO PASARAN!!! (rebel_JILL/a working poor)


To members of the media,

Please excuse the suddenness of this mail.

We are the the 'Unemployment and Homelessness action committee', working

with homeless movement groups and aid groups in Osaka prefecture.

At this time, at Utsubo Koen park and Osaka-jo Koen park in Osaka city,

forced eviction proceedings have been initiated against 30 homeless

people. The speed of the proceedings has been exceptionally fast and it

appears that the evictions will take place sometime between January 20th

and 23rd.

We see this incident as an enormous human rights violation perpetrated

by the city, already a lawyer team and plaintiffs have been assembled

(with 17 homeless living in tents at the sites as plaintiffs) and

litigation has been launched on January 11th against the city for the

cessation of eviction proceedings; at the same time we have entered a

demand for a provisional halt to the evictions. From this point on, we

intend to endeavor to the best of our powers to halt the expected


Concerning this matter, we would like to bring these stories to the

attention of those interested, and so we have contacted you.

By all means we will happily accommodate any media interest in the

matters concerned.

Unemployment and Homelessness Action Committee (失業と野宿を考える実行委


(Kamagasaki Iryou Renraku Kaigi, Kamagasaki Takidashi no Kai, Kamagasaki

Patrol no Kai, Nagai Kouen Nakama no Kai, Koureisha Tokubetsu Shuurou

Kumiai Junbikai, Osaka-jo Kouen Yorozu Soudansho, Nishinari Kouen Yorozu


Contact Information:090?9700?0296(Mr. Kanatsu)

    06?6647?8278(Kamagasaki Iryou Renraku Kaigi)

(Below is a detailed account of the situation as well as a call for


<We need everyone's help!>

All of the people living in tents at Utsubo Kouen Park (about 20) and

one part of Osaka-jo Kouen Park's tents (5) are being exposed to a

forced eviction crisis by Osaka city. Made involuntarily homeless by

unemployment, these men have put up tents in parks and on street sides,

earning their livings working jobs such as can and magazine collection,

waste removal etc.; they have lived on their own strength with the help

of neighbors.

Instead of extending a helping hand to these people, under the name of

'illegal occupation', the city is taking away the very tents that allows

them to work out a lifestyle while attempting to kick the occupants out

into the cold weather and onto the roadsides. In Osaka city, at least

200 homeless people die on roadsides annually. These dead are victims

of homeless eviction policies, of murderous policy. In order to put a

stop to Osaka city's unjust human rights violations we now need the

cooperation of a number of people.

<The story up until now>

Utsubo Kouen park, where some tens of homeless people live, has been

prepared by Osaka City over several years for the 'World Rose Convention

2006' (from May 11th-17th 2006). Up until this point, the tent village

autonomous organization has held negotiations with the park's western

office and has cooperated in discussions for the transfer of the tents.

However, since last year Osaka city has changed its attitude, handing

out documents on October 4th stating "get out of the park by November

30th", refusing to dialogue with the autonomous organization and

beginning 'individual visits' to tents in order to prepare for eviction.

Protest marches have occurred a few times, demanding dialogue, but the

city's stance has not changed; finally the process of forced eviction

has been begun by the administration.

With regard to Osaka-jo Kouen Park, preparatory construction for this

year's 'National Capital Tree-Planting Fair in Osaka' (March 25th-May

28th 2006) has served as the reason for the eviction underway. The

park's eastern office has denied the proposals for tent transfer and as

soon as it had stopped responding to dialogue, sealed the entrance

during visits, barring concerned individuals and supporters from

entering the office, even refusing to receive correspondence, continuing

a pattern of conduct that is unthinkable for public employees.

Amid the 'individual visitations' that prepare the way for eviction,

there was an incident where a homeless friend was approached on November

11th 2002 by personnel who took out a knife threatening him to 'leave

the park' (although the park office acknowledged the truth about this

incident, there was no action by the city and no apology by the

personnel involved), again on October 27th 2004 a wheelchair-bound

comrade trying to build a tent was surrounded by personnel and was

heaped with abuse, such as 'this one looks about dead!', provoking an

'assault incident' and the arrest and imprisonment of our homeless friend.

Since last year, patrols and 'persuasion' by park personnel has

intensified and harassment and interference like the nearly complete

enclosure of two tents by fencing have occurred. Just like Utsubo Kouen

Park, by the end of November documents demanding departure were

distributed, bringing us to the present day.

<The Initiation of the Eviction Process>

In both parks, park personnel distributed an 'explanation meeting

notice' on January 5th to each tent. After January 11th, the

'explanation' period expired and on the 13th, an 'exclusion directive'

was issued. It is believed that at 1 o'clock on January 17th, the

'exclusion' period will expire, 'warnings' will be issued and after an

extremely short window, an 'administrative directive' will be issued and

forced evictions will commence.

Administrative proceedings against homeless have happened nationally

since last year, January 24th against the tents at Nagoya's Shirakawa

Kouen park (mobilizing more than 600 personnel and guardsmen). In

Osaka, the removal of the 'Karaoke village' in December 2003 at Tennoji

and the forced eviction of many homeless tents and belongings in front

of Imamiya Junior High School in December 1998 are understood as the

first wave of state action to have occurred.

As soon as the paperwork was in motion, four people from Utsubo Kouen

park and two from Osaka-jo Kouen Park opened a lawsuit against Osaka

city for a halt to the administrative proceedings of the 11th. At the

same time, an appeal has gone forward for a temporary restraining order.

However, Osaka city has issued a letter of objection and on the 13th

rejected the application for restraining order. Without a moment's

delay, the city issued an exclusion order that same day.

After the 14th, as more comrades added themselves to the plaintiff group

(9 from Utsubo Kouen park, with 2 planning to add themselves), they

issued a protest against the rejection of the restraining order and

planned to further demand the cancellation of the exclusion order

however there are fears that the city will not wait for the courts and

begin forced evictions.

Osaka City is moving with an unthinkable speed (according to one lawyer,

administrative action against regular citizens are often deferred

several months), and so we have very little time.

<Shelters are No Replacements for Tents>

Osaka City has proposed 'choices' such as the Osaka-jo Kouen park

shelter and the 'Independence Aid' center in exchange for homeless

comrades leaving their tents in both parks.

However, these are not choices.

Osaka-jo Kouen Shelter is an institution established three years ago.

Conceived as part of Osaka-jo Kouen's 'normalization' i.e. tent

eviction, it was only those pitching tents in the park who became

targets (for those homeless sleeping without tents, in a much harsher

situation, they are contradictorily refused entry to the shelter).

However, the living environment of the shelter is extremely rough,

individual space does not even fill two mats (2.5m by 2.5m), with thin

partitions, privacy is non-existent and the permitted amount of

belongings is limited to several pieces of cardboard. Only a single

meal of white rice is provided as a guaranteed meal for the day. In the

end, residents cannot eat without gathering aluminum cans and people's

living conditions decrease markedly compared to their lives while living

in tents.

Once admitted to the shelter, the tent which one had been living in is

torn down by the park administration and for those who inevitably feel

that 'this is awful', there are no tents and they are essentially kicked

to the roadside. Despite the obstinate 'persuasions' of the park

personnel, the number of people entering the shelter is only a third of

those living in tents. The number of those who can't stand these

'persuasions' and have had no choice but to surrender their own autonomy

and leave is unknown.

Now, the west park administration office is extending the term of the

Osaka-jo shelter, which was planned for closure at the end of last year,

and attempting to move our friends at Utsubo Kouen park inside (already

some comrades who could not avoid entering are inside). However, the

shelter's essential problem is that this extension serves only for a few

months. Because of this, there are no homeless comrades who wish to

enter it proactively (Osaka-jo Kouen Park is the same).

In the same way, the other 'choice' of the 'Independence Aid Center':

although one can get three meals a day, shared rooms mean no privacy and

there is a six-month limit for residency at the shelter. If one cannot

find work on one's own, there is only a return to the streets.

These institutions are simply 'preparations for eviction'. With no

prospects after entry and no guarantees after leaving, the shelter

serves as no replacement for the tents that our friends have pitched

with their own power (along with relationships of mutual aid).

<Work for the homeless! Livelihood protection without prejudice!>

Unemployment is the largest cause of homelessness. Amid ongoing

firings, restructuring and the expansion of irregular employment,

homeless who have lost their jobs and everything else will keep

increasing. As long as the government does not take responsibility and

actuate radical shifts in unemployment policy, the homeless problem will

definitely not be going away. With the progress of restructuring and

de-regulation, in the midst of a situation of 'recovery without

employment', forcing the unemployed to 'help themselves' will not solve

the problem. For the unemployed who include homeless, the national and

regional governments must take responsibility and guarantee work.

Presently, as a fruit of the homeless and day-workers' struggle against

unemployment, a program called 'Work for Older Workers' has been opened

in Kamagasaki, and within the city, approximately 3,000 homeless are

registered (for those above 55, light work is provided in a rotating

system three times a month). Disregarding the importance of this

program, the city has stricken funds from its 2005 budget and is on the

path to 'reduction and abolition' of these services.

We think the very opposite, and appeal for the expansion of this special

employment programs' scope.

The discriminatory application of 'Livelihood Protection' (Seikatsu

Hogo) is another cause of homelessness. Even now when a homeless person

goes to the welfare office, they are turned away at the entrance because

they do not have an address. Even disregarding the 'Livelihood

Protection' clause that 'takes as principle care for a residence', if

one applies for the program from a tent or living on the streets, they

are usually admitted to a hospital or other institution. On one hand,

in hospitals and other institutions, huge expenses are racked up for

care and the pay structure funnels this money from the administration to

the administrative bodies behind hospitals and other institutions.

We are not institutionalists, we demand direct transfers from the tents

and roadsides into apartments under the application of 'Livelihood


<The Right of Residency is the Right to Live>

The problem of Utsubo Kouen Park and Osaka-jo Kouen Park is by no means

a problem only of the tens of people living there. As long as the

direction of this country remains oriented towards the policy-based

abandonment of human beings, people will only lose their jobs and

continue to be expelled to the roadsides. For these people, putting

their belongings on the road or in a park, pitching a tent etc.,

shouldn't these natural rights to live be recognized? (Japanese parks

were originally after all, places of refuge) If forced evictions occur,

and fences are built, 24-hour guardsman patrols begin, it will be

impossible for homeless to live in these parks (already the construction

of new tents is being obstinately obstructed). This will rob not only

those comrades now living in the park of their right to live, but untold

numbers chased into homelessness in the future.

For us, the right of those who fall unavoidably into unemployment to

pitch tents and live on the roadsides is an existential right guaranteed

in the Constitution's 25th amendment, a right that must be upheld

according to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

<What is the point of this construction in the first place?>

'We're doing construction here, so get out!' is the unchanging attitude

of Osaka City but really, for what and for who is this construction done?

When viewing the figures, the 923 million yen budgeted for this year's

Osaka-jo Kouen Park 'Greening Fair', the 200 million yen management

expenses for the Osaka-jo Kouen shelter (mostly this is personnel and

building lease cost), the yearly budget for the 'Independence Aid

Center' of 1 billion yen (the majority of cost being personnel), and

comparing these to the figure of the homeless person gathering aluminum

cans, worth approximately one yen each, we cannot help but feel that

something is amiss.

On January 11th, the section chief of Osaka City's Yutori to Midori park

management and his attorney were arrested in connection with suspicion

of holding talks with landscaping companies. While this corruption and

nepotism continues, wealthy Osaka City is attempting to evict our

homeless friends; again we appeal for your anger.

If they succeed in evicting these homeless comrades, the operation will

be judged by the Yutori to Midori Promotional office as a success, and

it seems that things will only escalate (actually, this seems already to

be confirmed).

We would like to again ask 'What is this construction for?’

Absconding with the rights and means of our homeless comrades to live,

forcing deaths by the roadside…which is most important for Osaka City:

'success' or 'money'? This we would also like to ask.

If the same thing happened to you yourself, and your family, how would

you feel? This too we want to ask.

<Please help our comrades at Utsubo Kouen park and Osaka-jo Kouen park>

Regardless of these harsh conditions, the comrades of Utsubo and

Osaka-jo Kouen parks are not crushed, the reverse, they are

strengthening their organization. With the opening of administrative

process on the 5th, organization within the park on the 7th followed by

an emergency meeting, and along with comrades from Umeda, Ogimachi,

Nagai and Nishinari Kouen parks and from Kamagasaki, we have led

successive protests to the west and eastern administrative office of the

park. The team of lawyers is assisting strongly and from everywhere

there are many people already raising voices of protest against the city.

We will not allow this crisis to end as it wants to, instead this is a

good opportunity to strengthen the ties between us and open the future

together, to fight together until the end.

We appeal for your assistance!

<Concentrate your protests on Osaka City>

This is very simple and should not take much time. Please send messages


mayor of osaka city: junichi seki

TEL: 06-6208-7231

FAX: 06-6202-6950

〒530-8201 1-3-20, nakanoshima, kita-ward, osaka-city

your protest opinions to(jap words-they are racist!):

> >

*Your protest opinion to(other language!):


City of Osaka, Chicago Office

c/o JETRO Chicago

401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 660

Chicago, Illinois

60611 USA

Tel: 1-(312)832-6002

Fax: 1-(312)832-6066

info (at)


City of Osaka, Dusseldorf Office

c/o JETRO Dusseldorf

Konigsallee 58

40212 Dusseldorf


Tel: 49-(211)1360241

Fax: 49-(211)326411


City of Osaka, Singapore Office

5 Shenton Way

#37-01 UIC Building

Singapore 068808

Republic of Singapore

Tel: (65)6220-8588

Fax: (65)6224-9980

webmaster (at)


Bureau de Representation

de la Ville d'Osaka a Paris

29, rue des Pyramides

75001 Paris


Tel: 33-(1)4015-9366

Fax: 33-(1)4015-9172

ocparis (at)


City of Osaka, Shanghai Office

Room 407, Shanghai International

Trade Center

2200 Yan An Road West

Shanghai, China

Tel: 86-(21)6275-1982

Fax: 86-(21)6275-1983

webmaster (at)

*office of 23th Zenkoku-tochi-ryokuka osaka fest

TEL06-6920-5941 FAX 06-6920-5971

*office of executive committee of World rose convention 2006

FAX:       +81-6-6631-8741

TEL 06-6631-8760

Seibu Houmen Kouen Jimusho (西部方面公園事務所)

TEL:06-6441-6748 FAX:06-6441-6797

〒550-0004 Nishi-ku Utubo Honmachi 2-1-4 (西区靱本町 2-1-4)

Toubu Houmen Kouen Jimusho (東部方面公園事務所)

TEL:06-6941-1144 FAX:06-6943-6877

〒540-0002 Chuu-ou-ku Osaka-jo 3-11 (中央区大阪城 3-11)

Yutori to Midori Shinkou Soumubu Kanrika (ゆとりとみどり振興局総務部管理課)


Yutori to Midori promotion department's opinion form:

Please copy any emailed messages to nagaipark_tentvilla (at) /

kamapat (at) or 06-6374-2233(FAX)

<Organize for January 17th Monitoring!>

At 1 o'clock on the 17th, there is a possibility that a 'warning paper'

will be issued. In order to support our comrades at Utsubo and Osaka-jo

we're calling for organization at the parks.

<Gather at the parks for the days of administrative action!>

Sometime after the 20th through the 23rd (excepting Saturday), there are

fears that administrative action could take place. In order to protect

the tents, we think we should do all we can. We call for organization

on the parks on that day.

Unemployment and Homelessness action committee


kamapat (at) (Kamagasaki Patrol no Kai)

Osaka-shi Nishi-ku Futago Taishi 2-1-2

Care of: Kamagasaki Iryou Renraku Kaigi


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Here is a standard letter that you can send to the authorities!

Dear Sir/Madam

I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of the Osaka city authorities in their continual harrassment of the homeless population that reside in the city parks. Homeless people are some of the most vunerable people in society who have been pushed into a marginal existence on the fringe of society. The threats that have been directed against the Osaka homeless people will not go unnoticed in the globalised world we are in today.

I, on behalf of the Osaka homeless population demand that the intimidation and threats of violent eviction cease.

I demand that the Osaka authorities conduct proper dialogue between the self-organised homeless commitees and themselves, that safe transfer of themselves, their tents and belongings is carried out; that provision for new areas of accomodation is sought; and provision for the homeless to work is found. The present facilities being offered to the Osaka homeless are NOT adequate, neither is the present work-program suitable.

That the Osaka homeless have to appeal to the International Community to find any kind of 'Justice' is a total disgrace to the image of Japan. The World Rose Convention must NOT be used as an excuse to execute a clearance program against these vunerable people, who face death on the streets of Osaka today.


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Jan 30 2006 06:46

There was a co-ordinated eviction against many of the autonomous spaces organised by the homeless in the parks of Osaka today, the 30th of January.

The parks are the refuge of people displaced by the brutal economy of Japan. The homeless recieve no help from government or political parties, and are not eligible for social welfare. The winter here is incredibly severe, and the tent cities and soup kitchens that the homeless themselves organise have been attacked by the city authorities.

As we recieve reports of the assault on these dispossessed people we shall update you on the situation. There have been a number of arrests, and as far as we know, some comrades are looking at long jail time for taking part in the resistance.

If you can make a response to the Japanese Embassy in the UK, it would mean a lot to us. Please BCC any emails also to the homeless liberation intiatives:

nagaipark_tentvilla (at)

kamapat (at)


Embassy of Japan

101-104 Piccadilly



General: 020 7465 43 / 6544

Culture: 020 7465 6580


Also, on the 28th January there was a street demonstration in Osaka that developed into an intervention into the City Hall of Osaka, there was a brief skirmish inside the City Hall lobby with officials and police.

The homeless struggle in Osaka is under severe attack and surveillance by many police and their intelligence service friends. The street demonstration was very heavily contained by many police, but still we resist.

After the intervention in the City Hall, we gathered at the Courts of Justice to attend the case of a homeless comrade who had been sumoned for not having an address and residing 'illegally' in the place he was living. Fortunately he won the court case and had his living registeration returned to him, which is a first in Japanese history. (Everyone by law must be registered at an address, with penalties for the breaking of this code.)

So, many homeless people inspired by this judicial precendent attempted to register their unusual living situations, to prevent the victimisation and harrassment from city officals. The legal situation is ongoing, as Osaka City Council attempts to overturn this ruling, as it would mean that homeless people would be eligible for social support and welfare. We understand the limitations of fighting our struggle so that we the dispossessed can fit into the brutal economic system. We want our whole lives as ours, not workfare, not welfare - We want a entire change from this capitalist system.




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more news about this here:

Mike Harman
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and now here:

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Some pictures of the demo on the 28th Jan can be found on Uk-IMC

There is a English language website in the planning stages all about the self-organised homeless struggle in Osaka, and across Japan, we hope it can be a useful resource for international solidarity.


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*Declaration of Protest Against the Evictions

*Declaration of Protest Against the Evictions of Park Squatters in

Utsubo and Osaka-jo Park*

On January 30th, 2006, mobilizing nearly 700 city employees, guardsmen

and police against around 20 squatters in Utsubo Park and Osaka-jo Park,

Osaka city forced through its eviction through so-called administrative


In the process of eviction, one person was illegitimately arrested on

suspicion of assault,three were taken away in ambulances (of which

one was a guardsmen with a broken bone that should take a month to

heal), with many suffering contusions and other wounds. Until the last,

our comrades who tried to defend their own tents and huts were pulled

out as the city refused all discussion, and surrounded just steps away

as their homes were shredded and smashed, forced to witness the eviction

of all their belongings.

With rage in our hearts, we denounce this cities inhuman violence.

No excuse can permit the abduction of our squatter comrades from their

homes, in the brutal cold, and their dispossession onto the streets. In

a city where 200 people die yearly on the streets, when will Osaka city

be satisfied in its expulsion of our comrades?

For the squatters of Utsubo and Osaka-jo, Osaka city had disregarded all

attempts to negotiate and ignored every word, jumping into the eviction

process. The $B!F(Balternative policies$B!G(B trotted out amidst the evictions

were the Osaka-jo park shelter and the $B!F(BAid for Independence$B!G(B center,

both of which kick their tenants out after a period of a few months, and

are institutions designed to force people into a precarious, homeless

life. As soon as one checks in and takes down one$B!G(Bs tent, a person is

forced to sign a document swearing that $B!F(BI will not squat again$B!G(B.

While an occupant, there is no guarantee of finding work. With the

handicaps of old age and an institutional address, the individual passes

through the employment offices and for those who cannot find work they

are labeled as having insufficient drive to help themselves$B and are

once again thrown into the streets. One meal a day, and a 3 meter square

space to move around in, etc. along with a poor living environment, it

is clear that these institutions are only excuses for eviction$B

Knowing this intimately, the great majority of squatters reject the persuasion consultations$ o f the city$Bs administrators for internment,

and along with protesting against this eviction, have demanded to the

city a radical shift in unemployment and welfare policy, one executed

without prejudice. The appeal: don destroy our tents$will certainly be broadcast in the media as a sort of selfishness$B!G(Bwhich it definitely

is not, on the contrary these are calls for the most basic essentials of


Disregarding even the January 27th court decision which ruled that a

park occupant could legally register his address as his own, Osaka city

pressed on with the eviction, against which an appeal lawsuit was

launched the same day. Without a radical shift in policy, the evictions

will continue, and if the justification for living in a tent is not

recognized, what could possibly result but more deaths on the roadside?

To begin with, who the hell are these $B!F(BWorld Roses Fair$B!G(B and $B!F(City

Greening Fair!G (in which a massive amount of money has been sunk) even for? After the preparations for eviction begun on January 11th, and the truth had come out about a corruption scandal involving the

Yutoritomidori tourism promotion office, four members of the section

chief!s staff were arrested. This office, drenched in dirty politics,

has no justification for trampling on the lives of squatters.

The citys actions were in the end, not about the 20 people who fought

to the end to protect their tents. Originally there were 40 in Utsubo

park and nearly 700 at Osaka-jo; for these comrades the process of

escalation in the three years since the building of the shelter is in

part the reality of facing death on the streets. It is with their pain

in our hearts that, at this struggle, had Osaka city been permitted to

carry out its agenda, the 10,000 precarious comrades across the city

would have been pushed farther and farther into the eviction crisis; and

therefore, for the 30,000 comrades across the country, the twenty of

Utsubo park as well as comrades converged from across the country fought until the end.

It was not just our comrades at the site of the struggle. Against the

violence of Osaka city, as protests gathered across the countries and

around the world, voices of encouragement reached us. With the city

eviction as an opportunity to come together, if anything our links came

out stronger.

Disregarding the overwhelming accumulation of personnel and equipment

from the city, more than 100 people gathered in the early morning (and

some the night earlier) to contest the 8 a.m. attack, and after six

hours of standing against the city and overturning entirely the citys

plans of attack, the savagery of the city was unleashed for all to see.

This thirty day fight was possible because of our comrades care, the

assistance of many people and our solidarity. We could not stop the

evictions, but we certainly did not lose! (Translators note: the

massive money, equipment and personnel expenditure required for Osaka

January 30th attack against autonomous tent villages across the city was

so colossal that even the conservative Sankei Shinbun the next day was

calling the city out, not for its violence and instrumental violence of

course, but for the cost of the policies!)

Osaka city has not learned a thing from this incident. Side by side with

its eviction of Utsubo park it attacked simultaneously four tents set up

at Ogimachi park for comrades made homeless from Utsubo, retributively

smashed a tent of a comrade participating in the actions against the

eviction in Nishi Umeda Park and established a perimeter fence in

Nishinari Kouen, from where many comrades had come to help those at Utsubo.

Comrades who arrived at Utsubo Parks north administration office on the

31st to protest the eviction and demand their valuables were not allowed

in, turned away and then met with violence. The same day, the southern

administrative office of Nagai Kouen (in Osakas south) surrounded about

30 tent dwellers with eight cars and tried to destroy tents set up to

receive the dispossessed from Utsubo park.

On the first of February, the tourism promotion office continued their

prejudicial and targeting of squatters by issuing a document explaining

the evictions, claiming that the tents and huts are not only harming

the scenery, but having a bad influence on the greenery and flowers;

drunk and disorderly squatters bring a bad and unsafe atmosphere to

surrounding citizens

Again, without touching on any of the violence executed by the employees

of the state or the guardsmen, the administration erected a fence late

at night the previous day, and in the midst of a protest against the men

trying to carry out the construction, one person was injured. The

administration takes this up and says there is no way that violence can be permittedetc. and cries as if it is the victim.Osaka city, please, isnt it your murderous policies that are the most

violent of all?

It makes us want to screamEnough!

We will not allow this to continue unabated.

We demand that Osaka city halts its evictions and murders.

As long as this situation continues, and in order to protect the lives

and living standards of our comrades we communicate here that we will

carry on resisting.

Unemployment and squatting steering committee

kamapat@infoseek.jpKamagasaki no Kai e-mail address$

Osaka-shi Nishinari-ku Taishi

Care of: Kamagasaki Iryou Renraku Kaigi

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*protest against osaKKKa city now!

Comrades and affinities;

saluton from osaka. by the way, if you will be able to do something, we

strongly request you to do something against osaka city authorities,

polizei, and its concerns as soon as you can:

-protest against the executive committee of world rose conventions 2006


FAX B+81-6-6631-8741

because this rose convention already harassed/evicted our comrades

being in poverty on japanese islands. no need to hobbies of monarchists

and noble persons! we strongly demand dignified lives for each.

-protest against the branches of osaka city now!

Mr. fascist Junichi Seki

fascist Mayor of Osaka City

1-3-20, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-si, Japan

Tel: 1-(312)832-6002

Fax: +81-6-6202-6950

Fax: 1-(312)832-6066

direct action to the branches will really support us. also protest msgs

to the city authorities will be really helpful for us. osaka city has

following branches on the world: Chicago, Paris, Dusseldorf, Shanghai,

Singapore.(addresses of them are below!)

-protest against the companies concerns of osaka: Sumitomo, Panasonic,

Sharp, Sanyo, cats eye...etc.

Sumitomo group is a very political company. in osaka, Sumitomo has big

political influences on various fields of business. Panasonic(national)

is same. they have repressed the workers' rights in asia areas/japnese

islands, and have made a lot of money for a long time. so, any

boycotts/strikes to them are welcome to us.

-make the voices/protests to the fascist city authorities of osaka from

"sister cities"!

osaka city has some sister cities: Sister Cities

San Francisco (United States)

Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Chicago (United States)

Shanghai (China)

Melbourne (Australia)

St. Petersburg (Russia)

Milan (Italy)

Hamburg (Germany)

$B"d(B Business Partner Cities (BPC)

Hong Kong (China)


Bangkok (Thailand)

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Manila (The Philippines)

Jakarta (Indonesia)

Seoul (South Korea)

Shanghai (China)

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Bombay (India)

Melbourne (Australia)


what about campaign of "letters of public questions to the fascist

osaka city"?

-also protest against any japnese consulates/embassies!

sending protests/direct actions against nearest japanese

consulates/embassies are welcome.

Embassy of Japan in U$A

2520 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington D.C. 20008

Tel: 202.238.6700 fax: 202.328.2187


This is very simple and should not take much time. Please send messages


Mr. fascist Junichi Seki

fascist Mayor of Osaka City

1-3-20, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-si, Japan

Fax: +81-6-6202-6950

*office of 23th Zenkoku-tochi-ryokuka osaka fest

TEL06-6920-5941 FAX 06-6920-5971

*office of executive committee of World rose convention 2006



Western Park Office

Fax: +81-6-6441-6797

2-1-4, Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka-si, Japan

Eastern Park Office

Fax: +81-6-6943-6877

3-11, Osakajyo, Chuou-ku, Osaka-si, Japan

City of Osaka Chicago Office

c/o JETRO Chicago

401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 660

Chicago, Illinois

60611 USA

Tel: 1-(312)832-6002

Fax: 1-(312)832-6066

City of Osaka Dusseldorf Office

c/o JETRO Dusseldorf

Konigsallee 58

40212 Dusseldorf


Tel: 49-(211)1360241

Fax: 49-(211)326411

City of Osaka Singapore Office

5 Shenton Way

#37-01 UIC Building

Singapore 068808

Republic of Singapore

Tel: (65)6220-8588

Fax: (65)6224-9980

Bureau de Representation

de la Ville d'Osaka a Paris

29, rue des Pyramides

75001 Paris


Tel: 33-(1)4015-9366

Fax: 33-(1)4015-9172

City of Osaka Shanghai Office

Room 407, Shanghai International

Trade Center

2200 Yan An Road West

Shanghai, China

Tel: 86-(21)6275-1982

Fax: 86-(21)6275-1983

if you will be able to send the picture/pix of your actions, please

send to: /

and also, if you will be able to send/email the protest to the osaka

city authorities, please CC/BCC to: / thanx. in solidarity.

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Feb 9 2006 09:46

...Sorry some of the formatting of the above text has not reproduced so well, I hope you can understand!

Mike Harman
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Feb 9 2006 11:09
DestroyOsakaGestapo wrote:
...Sorry some of the formatting of the above text has not reproduced so well, I hope you can understand!

That's ok it makes sense well enough - I think it's the " symbol that's messing up the formatting.

Looking forward to the english language website.

Mike Harman
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Feb 11 2006 13:15

found this:

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Feb 11 2006 20:02

ja, es gefaellt mir. another "english" infos/pix are...

pix of "30 Jan 2006 in the battle of Utsubo park" will come soon... wait a few days. so sorry.(rebel_JILL)

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Feb 16 2006 12:44

To those who 'sleep outside'

We are some disobedients who participated in the defense of the

autonomous community at Utsubo park. Utsubo was attacked by over

600 administration officials, guardsmen, police officers and riot

squad in order to clear the park for the city’s upcoming ‘Roses

festival’. The eviction Utsubo comes in the context of a wider

attack on the most exploited in the Kansai region, with the aim of

their institutionalization and control. If the city achieves its

aims and determines the eviction to be within a margin of

acceptable loss, the communities that have cropped up on streets

and parks all around Japan will come under even harsher attack.

This is the perspective under which the park was defended

(involving over 150 people from all over the region, country and

included some internationals). We came to the park with the

following points of unity:

1. The small communities created on roadsides and parks across the

country, especially West Japan, represent less a defense against

the worst conditions of industrial capitalism like dispossession,

poverty and other social ills, addressable by NGOs, Christians and

other pity rackets, but are more accurately an attack on this same

poverty, a dash for a better life, a life surely closed to the

poorest of workers and non-workers if they do not attack and seize

it for themselves.

2. Blue tents are by no means vision of a better future; they

represent a meager communist process, against isolation and the new

estrangement, impressive but still inadequate given the advanced

state of their inhabitants’ dispossession. The communities

characterize themselves by improvised, bric-a-brac living, by

common defense against assault by the police and/or rampaging

teens, by camaraderie, sake, relaxation, games and fun. It is no

wonder that the squatting poor all over the city organize amongst

themselves and easily become close; they are some of the last in a

society devoured by the work imperative to question its

assumptions. Even the so-called ‘prosperous workers’ have no room

for gardens in their concrete boxes!

3. The above forms the basis for our participation in the defense

of the parks. We think these perspectives should be generalized

along the spectrum of all the exploited, all those who are forced

into lives of endless work, spurred by the continual, violent

dispossessions of capitalism, which leave few alternatives besides

work or die. We say:

Burn your rent contracts!

Occupy social space!

For a beautiful life!

4. It follows that we make no demands to the administration, only

of ourselves.

The night before the eviction we gathered in the lightless park.

Some raged at the coming dispossession and violence, smashing parts

of the park, tearing down the barriers the city had set up to

‘enclose’ the park, to arrest everyone inside. Trash was strewn

everywhere ‘the city is trash’. Every obstruction was set up

around the park to impede the progress of the riot squads, the

park’s sparse forest became a spider-web. Graffiti appeared from

nowhere. As soon as the city’s barriers had been taken down they

were ripped apart and re-assembled to become barricades against the

coming incursions. When the city arrived at three a.m. to attempt

to ‘seal’ the park, they were charged and driven back, surrounded

and assaulted by a furious mob. The TV cameras made sure to

broadcast footage of an anonymous comrade who beat the skull of a

city official with a chain (thanks for showing us they can bleed


The night went back and forth. A comrade, Y-san, was arrested

during a riot squad incursion and charged with assault. We were

with the park until the early morning. Tense stand-offs and

confrontations lasted for seven hours as the sun broke over the

horizon. People going to work, and neighbors, walked by the scene

and were inquisitive. The limited numbers of defenders fought for

the park until their arrest, gathering for a sit-in around the

tents. People scattered red, pink and white paper roses over the

ground and their laps. The rose festival was here, it was ours.

As the twenty squatters who lived there were pulled to a separate

location, there were few left to defend the tents. Silent and

shamed public employees tore down the twenty remaining tents as

they were denounced and jeered. The flags of unions who had

arrived too late fluttered as the blue tents fell. Utsubo’s tiny

village was now gone.

At the same time at three other locations around the city, the

administration attacked. Bureaucrats charged Ogimachi park,

Nishinari park and Osaka-jo Park. With Osaka-jo the city’s planned

eviction of five men was known for at least a month and not a

surprise. At Ogimachi and Nishinari, the city charged the nearly

empty parks as most were heading to work or occupied resisting the

city at Utsubo. At both parks a wide swath was fenced off and

declared a ‘no-go’ area, bound for construction. Upon hearing this

news after our long night in the park, we understood that the city

had declared war on refuges against the onslaught of dispossession,

and we felt discouraged at the overwhelming scope of the timed

assaults. This lasted a few days until we made it to the parks

concerned and found that our comrades had already torn apart the

new fences and thrown them in the trash! These comrades understand

even clearer now that the city cannot be compromised with. We

participate now not because the struggle is ours, it isn’t, but we

see how it must become ours; how it cuts across all the divisions

of the exploited and affirms the wealth that we find among each


Mike Harman
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Feb 17 2006 03:10

thanks I've posted the report and photos up here:

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Feb 17 2006 05:22

Thank you very much

Pictures & report here also:


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Feb 17 2006 08:42

thanks very much for the updates jill and DOG - very interesting stuff!

Have you got any support of other sections of the japanese population? (Social movements, workers' organisations, student groups?)

Mike Harman
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Feb 17 2006 10:40
DestroyOsakaGestapo wrote:
Thank you very much

Pictures & report here also:


do itashimashite!

While looking at those links I found this article (I can't read Japanese though):

Is this from last month in Nagoya?

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Feb 25 2006 01:42

Actually Rebel_Jill is better informed to tell you, but it seems like things for him are very busy at the moment, and internet time costs money, so..


Yes this is last month in Nagoya, homeless struggle against evictions. Also on that page is an article about the launch of 'Big Issue' magazine in Japan, which happened a few months ago, but we wait to see if it could have any possible positive effect. (I doubt it, but I am cynical about this magazine, having seen similar initiatives in the US and also the terrible content and practice of the UK version)


At the last eviction in Osaka there was support from an autonomous workers group - foreign and domestic; from some trade unions and socialist groups that latched onto the issue; from many other homeless associations from other cities and also working people. There is no support from any political parties. It was major news on the television, for good or worse, as of course the media only concentrate on 'violence'.


The Osaka City Council has a history of corruption, one of the last news-sheets produced by Osaka homeless groups points out the fact that the Yakuza mafia have been squatting a few floors of a tower block owned by the council for many years without paying rent or anything. The council just ignores the situation because it is to their benefit, and prob. couldn't do anything about it anyway.

More infomation, news, pictures and reports coming soon!



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Mar 6 2006 10:10

Hello, here is a recent update from Rebel_Jill about the Utsubo Park eviction that he has not posted here, so I will.

'Comrades and affinities;

saluton from jap islands. by the way, about further infos

of after barbarous eviction in Utsubo park/a part of osaka

castle park on 30 Jan 2006...

"barbarous evictions on 30 Jan 2006" are the terrors for

the squat tent communities and each of homeless comrades

in osaka city. still now, other barbarous city of

shizuoka/sendai might do these terrible terrors on


-osaka city authorities and the osaka polizei did their

barbarous desire. however, shamelessly, osaka city

authorities released their fuckin' communique about their

terrors on 1 Feb 2006 on their web site. on this web site,

city authorities strongly insisted on their justice and

"barbarous homeless people attacked the city

authorities"...etc. is osaka city authorities a victim?

NO KIDDING! whose terrors were forced to evict 30 homeless

comrades to the cold winter?

-still now, arrested comrade is not released from their

evil hands. now this arrested comrade is forced to move to

a prison of osaka. on a day of Apr 2006, he will be forced

to stand their court for "thankful" faked democracy.(if he

will receive a charge of injuring, what charges will the

barbarous city officers/guards and polizei receive


-still now, robbers of city authorities reject to return

our own baggages/bicycles...etc. despite of even their

communique states: "from 31 Jan 2006, we will receive the

offers of returning the baggages by their owners." city

authorities strongly insist: "we paid a lot of money for

removing your illegal actions. so, if you will pay at

least 100 thousands yen for us, we will return your own

baggages." who is illegal? barbarous fuckin' laws/acts for

selfish ruler class must change for our poor comrades! we

will reject your selfish politics and its laws! we will

NOT FORGIVE 'EM ALL and will continue to try to live our

own lives. no one is illegal, just all governments are


anyway, further infos will come soon. any protests will

be welcome by our comrades. thanx. in solidarity.'

(rebel_JILL/ a working poor)