Nuit Debout

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Apr 13 2016 03:15
Nuit Debout

I read the one article on Libcom concerning them and now a few on the MSM reporting the development.

Has anyone got any personal experience or hearsay evidence or more recommended reading about what is happening in France.

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Apr 21 2016 02:07

ROAR Magazine is following events, and covering it , a bit over-enthustastically maybe, as is their habit in these kind of situations smile Here:

Nuit Debout: a movement is growing in France's squares

and here:

'Soon we will be millions": from Paris with love and lessons

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Apr 21 2016 10:12

The Greek spin off from Nuit Debout has a call out for May 15. I'm not sure who's behind this or what it will amount to.

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Apr 21 2016 11:10

There is a very recent critical leaflet from Mouvement Communiste on their website here: but I haven't had time to read it properly as yet.

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jef costello
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Apr 21 2016 12:51

Nothing to disagree with in the MC account.
I don't want to sound cynical but the Nuit Debout movement isn't radically different to what we've seen in France previously. My school was blockaded by students, but largely by the younger students and although they blockaded the front door the side door 20 metres away was open and students were free to use it. The anti CPE struggle had repeated mass actions, blockading train stations and major roads as well as huge numbers of schools and universities. In 2006 the government was facing the problem that a majority of university students wouldn't be able to complete their studies that year for example and they were worried about the Bac exam as well.
Colleagues were pushed into giving masses of catch-up classes once the struggle was won to avoid a year's worth of resits in universities.

I can't really say what will happen but MC's critiques are pretty spot on . It could just be another leftist party or it could develop into something more.

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mikail firtinaci
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Apr 21 2016 16:37

That is really interesting. In Occupy and Taksim it was possible to observe the heavy presence of professional activists ready to derail the movement into futile campaignism and drown it in democratic formalism. If MCs account is true than it means the carcass of professional left activism is trying to imitate a genuine living movement of the class when it can't feed on a living one.

However, the duality posed between squares and factory&work floor as two distinct and opposite spaces of political action does not hold true. Occupations and strikes are not mutually excluding struggle methods. They don't necessarily belong to different classes. Many in the turkish left silently sneer in their sleeves at the Gezi&Taksim, because for them it belonged to the educated "elite". True many who went to Taksim had university degrees, but they were still proletarians. White collar work is still wage work.

And if there is a lack of simultaneity between the struggles of white and blue collar workers, youth and older generations of proles that signifies a deeper problem. It is not merely about the choice of the place of the engagement. There is obviously a weakness in class-wide solidarity and a binding common goal is, for now, apparently missing.

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Apr 21 2016 18:18

Lots of very critical stuff about Nuit Debout here:

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Apr 23 2016 13:59

The office of the CNT-F in Lille was attacked and raided by police after a demonstration. More infos and video:

They are asking for donations:

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Apr 30 2016 17:37

Another short comment linking to previous 'occupations' of public spaces in both their potentially positive and negative aspects here: