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Apr 12 2006 08:25
EWN newsletter

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any comments and contributions welcome!


(names removed, or changed to libcom names)

Discussion focused exclusively on the contents of the next leaflet/bulletin,

to be coordinated and produced by Manchester – content to include:

1. material on the assessment boycott; what’s going on around the country – JDMF, .flux

2. student support/‘interview’ with a student – Ro.

3. links with French situation, Sorbonne, etc. – Ri.

4. casualisation, crap contracts, low pay, pensions – T.

5. the unions/unity/sectionalism – Ro.

6. copy of SF industrial strategy

7. examples of best conditions – ?

8. privatisation/commercialisation – Ro.

9. the longer term – overview of education and the libertarian alternative