"Cases" ?

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Sep 17 2011 20:10
"Cases" ?

I've noticed in some solidarity networks, the employer/landlord conflicts they engage in are referred to as "cases". I'm curious what others think about this. In SeaSol we've always shunned the term 'case' (we usually call them "fights"), since it makes us seem like either social workers or detectives.

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Sep 17 2011 20:23

Good point. I'll raise that on the next Forest City Solnet meeting. I assume it's a case of bourgeoise semantic influences on solidarity work?

Uncle Aunty
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Sep 18 2011 00:59

Yeah, call them fights!

It has been striking to see how easy it is for people just reading SeaSol posters to think we are a non-profit or some sort of social service agency. It makes sense of course, but it's a shame that what we do is so far out of most people's expectations. What's even more of a shame is that there have been too many times when talking about SeaSol (especially with "normal people"), I have found myself using language that reinforces this.

"We help people get their money back" etc etc.

Calling them fights, or something similar, I hope helps distance us from that whole realm.

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Sep 20 2011 23:28

In San Diego we call them cases when we first contact someone (I don't like it either, but it's automatic) but we aim to (and occasionally do) turn them turn into fights smile