South West Peace Conference - An End To Nuclear Fission?

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South West Peace Conference - An End To Nuclear Fission?


PLYMOUTH CND PRESENTS: South West Conference – An End To Nuclear Fission?

You are invited to attend the first South West Conference to highlight the nuclear industry and its damaging effects upon the South West and its inhabitants.

The Conference will take place on Saturday 28th of January 2006, and will be located at the Upper Guildhall in Plymouth.

The Conference will run from 9am to 6:30pm on that date.

This Conference is supported by: Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Trident Ploughshares and National CND.

This Conference is sponsored by: National CND and the trade union UNISON.

The Conference will include stalls and presentations from various groups, and a detailed discussion of the ISOLUS project and its potentially damaging implications for the South West and its inhabitants. Local and national organisations will be represented and available to discuss the issues with the general public.

This Conference is a new departure for the anti-nuclear movement locally. We feel that this is an ever-more important issue for the people of the South West, and especially for Plymouth, directly affected as we are by the carrying out of hazardous nuclear work in a city of 270,000 people. It is also an issue with which our elected representatives seem reluctant to engage. This is a chance for us to meet the public, and for the public to meet us and decide on the issue for themselves.

Speakers include: Peter Weare (from Campaign Against Depleted Uranium (CADU), Ian Avent (from local pressure group CANSAR), Peter Lanyon (ISOLUS/Trident Ploughshares), Sheila Evans (Plymouth Friends of the Earth), and our keynote speaker will be National CND Vice Chair Rae Street.

Groups represented will include: Plymouth CND, Trident Ploughshares, the World Court Project, Amnesty International/Oxfam South West among many others.

Shirley Law, Secretary of Plymouth CND, said: ‘We are moving forward with our campaign and I feel this event to be a good start for Plymouth CND’

Steering Committee member Sukie Honey said: ‘Our aim is to continue raising awareness both in the region and beyond.’

In the words of National CND: Now More Than Ever.


Plymouth CND.

The Programme for the day’s events follows:

Plymouth CND* Presents:

The End of Nuclear Fission?

The Conference for 2006

At The Upper Guildhall, Armada Way, Plymouth.

Saturday 28th January 2006

From 9-00 am to 6-30 pm

Conference Programme:

9-00 am Introduction

9-30 am Depleted Uranium

(with Child Victims of War and The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium CADU)

10-30 am Disposal Of Old Nuclear Submarines and Reactors

(with the Nuclear Submarine Forum)

11-30 am Beverages and Snacks Break.

12-00 noon Local (Plymouth) Nuclear Pollution Issues (with Community Awareness of Nuclear Storage And Radiation CANSAR)

1-00 pm Lunch Break

2-00 pm Renewable Energy Versus Nuclear Energy

(with Friends of the Earth FoE)

3-00 pm Trident WMD Nuclear Weapons Disarmament (with Plymouth CND and Trident Ploughshares)

4-00 pm Beverages and Snacks Break.

4-30 pm Nuclear WMD Non-Proliferation Treaty

(with Christian CND)

5-30 pm Plenary Session led by Rae Street the Chair of CND UK.

6-30 pm Conference Ends.

All Welcome To The Conference Free Entry.

Good Food and Beverages at Reasonable Prices Provided by Veggie Perrin's

(A Plymouth Vegetarian Restaurant based at Mayflower Street, Plymouth - they will be giving 10% of profits towards the conference costs)

Also A Variety of Nuclear as well as Community Stalls,

& A Kids Corner.

Sponsored So Far By National CND and Plymouth Unison.

Apologies for the lengthy C+P, but Plymouth CND doesn't have a website yet, if we had I'd post just a link.


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