5 reasons why this society got to go: Part 5 - This society got to go and why shouldn’t it?

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5 reasons why this society got to go: Part 5 - This society got to go and why shouldn’t it?

So what should we have instead of this society? You can't abandon society just like that, can you? you might ask. You must have plans; you must take responsibility and come up with an alternative.

Well, let me ask you, dear reader, when your relationship is cracking apart and when you know that all that you were promised never ever will come true, when you realize that the relationship you engaged with once upon a time is going to make you miserable and drain your energy even more, and when you have realized that your partner’s endless promises are nothing but lies, do you then plan for your next girl- or boyfriend before moving on?

You are not obliged to provide any evidence or counterclaims for your visions of the future. You have the right to unconditionally doubt this world. You have the right to say no and the right to open the door in order to go outside without having to know what's there or to be able to tell others about it.

As people throughout history have progressed; allowing us, for example, greater freedom of speech and political democracy, it is evident that we are moving in the direction of greater influence. The desire for a continuation of this development is actually common to both left and right ideologies; it is common to everybody as it is the basis of all forms of human development.

The representative democracy has evolved from human development but is not the goal. In fact, at the moment, it is blocking it. It has been transformed into a representative power, a shackle holding us back.

There is an end to everything, everything goes in cycles, it's the law of rhythm. Turmoil seems threatening to most of us, however, history shows that every essential progress has been preceded by turmoil. So in order to refine democracy, to create a more human society, turmoil is a must. Reforms, which is the Establishment’s alternative, is a mirage, as all possible reforms will happen INSIDE the framework they created, inside the control of capitalism, surveillance, and the ruling of mankind from a global level.

Does this praise for turmoil mean that I support the latest terrorist phenomena ISIS, or thousands of refugees dying trying to reach fortress Europe, or school shootings in US or all those new political movements related to racism etc? By now I guess you know the answer.

You may like or dislike Bernie Sanders or/and Donald Trump, but they and certainly not Hillary Clinton, are an expression of people’s call for change. You may like or dislike the Spanish party Podemos. In contrast to the old Spanish two parties PSOE (social-democratic) and PP (conservative), they are another expression of people’s call for change, an attempt to move away from corruption and austerity.

We are in the midst of an adventure, in a time of mystery. It is an enigma how changes can spread so far and wide without any cohesive movement. The old world has passed its peak; its statues are cracking amidst the swirling dust caused by a multi-faceted awakening and so many people's subtle longing for change.

Not only do Black Lives and women's lives matter or the lives of the 99%, or any other group of oppressed people. This is a human matter, it's a call for dignity and justice, not only for complains, but for achievement. This is not a struggle between republicans and democrats, between Christians and Muslims or between west and east. The old world keeps all these conflicts and rages alive. People are taught that life must be a struggle and that human beings are basically evil. They’re taught that the enemy is their neighbor while capitalism, state authorities, banks, secret services and all those implementations of power that dominate and set the agenda, go free.

These are lies and illusions that now have passed the expiration-date. There is an end to everything, everything goes in cycles, it's the law of rhythm.

This is the last reason why this society not only has got to go, it's the reason it will go.

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