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Mar 26 2009 17:14

I figured I'd post this here since I come here often to read the contributors here often and find that I enjoy much of the discussions happening here. I am posting this apology in the "theory" section as this is where I usually come when I come to libcom to read and my apology goes towards those that regularly contribute on this particular forum at libcom.

I apologize for my use of vulgarities and insults in our past exchanges. I find that even though I disagree on some points, I more often disagree on smaller points than larger ones. I think even when I do disagree, your comments remain thought provoking and make me consider my own thoughts on many matters.

Also, I especially apologize for poisoning "Anti-Ism" a few years back with an experimental "armed struggle" direction that I have since found to be largely untenable in how I actually think and practice. Though I must insist that "Know One" was a friend that used my "anti-politics" account when I didn't sign out, I did allow "Know One" to convince me for several months that his direction was one I had some affinity with. I don't feel this is the case anymore (nor has it been for several years) and we've largely gone separate directions in how we think and practice.

In general, I also will apologize to libcom'ers for any real or perceived insults/character attacks on persons or this website for much the same reason. I admit that my self control is a problem and I am working on my personal behavior. I allow my hubris to get the better of me at times and it has proven to be less than productive in developing my thoughts and harmful to myself and others in how we interact on internet discussion together.

I was not the bigger person in my internet relations with many of you and I hope this to be a first step to rectifying these previous problems. Even if my apology is not initially accepted, I continue to both offer constructive thoughts and work on my personal behavior in my internet and real discussion.

High Priest Wombat, KSC