A Couple Questions

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Mar 11 2012 21:34
A Couple Questions

Hey everyone, I have an essay due in a couple days, roughly 2,500 words and am having a tough time picking my topic. We were given a bunch to choose from and I have narrowed it down to a few, but was hoping some here could help me pick one outright which will be easiest to do from a leftist perspective. Now given my own political views, I generally have some issues with how the questions are worded as in some cases I do not agree with the premise of the question but here are my options:

1) Are environmental issues a domestic or international concern? How should states respond?
Should they be required to abide by international agreements on the environment?

2) Should human rights violations in a sovereign state allow others to intervene? Why or why not?

3) Is international law forever destined to be unenforceable? How might it be imposed in an
anarchical system based on sovereign states?

I originally was planning on doing the first one, but do not know tons about the environment and was worried I would have a tough time filling my paper with substance. I thought the second one would be interesting given the explosion of the KONY 2012 campaign and could draw upon past imperialist ventures around the world and show how it affected the populace. For the third one, obviously, I disagree that we live in an anarchical system based on sovereign states and thought I could spend a portion of my paper debunking that myth but at times I can get to carried away with arguining something from a leftist perspective that answering the question.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks to anyone who answers, I will be checking back here to see if there are any responses periodically through my mad writing spree over the next couple days.