a critique of Marx's critics often value

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Sep 29 2011 03:31
a critique of Marx's critics often value

I wrote the first time and my English is pretty bad because it is the middle third language - I have long worked with a critique of Marx VALUE theory from Jean-Pierre Voyer criticism of Karl Marx. I've read mostly in German and therefore I do not know about the English speaking world has also dsikuteret his criticism. His criticism builds on Asger Joren and goes further than than his than his analysis. He criticized both the surplus value and "exchange value" by claiming that the value occurs out of the exchange it selv and only the bourgeoisie exchages and produces value and and workers bring and takes the commodity from and to the market. He says the economy is idelogi - and exchange relationships and that is why commodity system has evolved over many 100 years and brought the bourgeoisie to power. His most provocative claim is that Marx, like no one else has emphasized the economy as idelogi and misunderstood what his criticism even if he was the first to analys in a consistent manner.

The analysis of Voyer be convincing and simple, but it is only him who thinks so. His criticism is a synthesis between a anarchist critique of power and Marx critics often of kaptital and surpasses in its consistently ratioanelle argument much of the Situationists after Gey Debord has written. Jean-Pierre Voyer work also involves a critique of Debord and all other "Marxists".

I've read most of it in german translation: Une inquiries sur la Cause et la nature de la debacle des gens ("An Investigation Into the Cause and the nature of the Misery of PeopleSoft"), 1976, Champ libre and
Introduction à la science de la publicité ("Introduction to the advertising science"), 1975, Champ libre (science of expression is a better translation - the translation is bad, because the author of Hegel's parlance.)

I just want to know about other think about this analysis is interesting or if I'm wrong - because in the books about situationistis theory is not much reference and in marxist-theory it is non existent or not understand.

authorship of Jean-Pierre Voyer

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Sep 29 2011 11:43
He criticized both the surplus value and "exchange value" by claiming that the value occurs out of the exchange it selv

und marx sagt das nicht? beleg das doch mal... und kennst du eigentlich niemanden der englisch kann? geht ja gar nicht das puzzlespiel, wenn dir das wichtig ist wie kannst du das in der form abliefern?