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Feb 25 2016 05:04

Could someone give me an example of movements or societies that are based on radical democracy or direct democracy that's built around difference and dissent and challenges consensus decision-making processes that doesn't undermine or suppress the minority vote?

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Chilli Sauce
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Feb 26 2016 03:48

So, two quick things.

One, I don't think "consensus" - at least as it's often used in activist circles - has much traction on libcom. I was in SF for a long time and we often tried to combine/amend policy proposals to accommodate difference of opinion and strategy, but ultimately the guiding principal was one of federalism not consensus.

Two, in a functioning anarchist organisation or society there are going to be a lot of decisions to be made. That means a lot of the time we're going to be in the minority and a lot of the time we'll be in the majority. In other words, I'm just not sure ideas like "the minority" exist in the same way they do in a representative political system.

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jef costello
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Feb 26 2016 09:27

If you look beyond the idea of partisan politics and culture wars and the idea that society is composed of permanently opposed groups and each decision produces one set of winners and losers then this idea of victimisation disappears.
In a succesful anarchist society then we will be taking decisions with the aim of improving things for society and not with the intent of taking from others. So while some people might not benefit from every decision and their ideas might not be put into practise this will not mean that they are victimised or disadvantaged.

Andrea Grainger
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Feb 27 2016 22:05

I think looking for past examples is the wrong approach.

If it happened it would be the first time.

To argue in favour of radical democracy, you need to present it as a long-term ambition. It can be achieved, but it will require humanity to come to an understanding of human psychology, and reform our cultural norms.

We need lots of time to get there. We'll need to confront dozens of rival power blocks, and carefully reconstruct the democracy of the UK to bring the truth out.

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Jan 1 2017 03:46

I mean most anarchist federations and anarcho-syndicalist unions/propaganda groups function on direct democracy.