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Maclane Horton
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Aug 4 2016 10:10

It's a mad, mad world out there in the rat race. Everybody running around as fast as they can – produce, consume, produce, consume. Increase your gross domestic product – produce, consume, produce, consume.

Downsizing is your only man. This western economy is absurd.

People keep moving into houses that are bigger and grander and more and more remote. En suite bedrooms, separate activity rooms, gyms, swimming pools, three car garages.

And people do need three cars or more – one each in fact, because they live so far away from everything and then anyway everybody has a car and so there are no more trams or buses.

Electrical outlets sprouting in every wall for more gadgets than you can keep track of – holidays in distant lands – ready meals for eating in as well as the new eating in is eating out.

I want to live in a terrace house where I can walk to everything, cook our own food, read my own books and only work enough hours to produce the essentials of life.

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Aug 4 2016 13:59

reported for spam

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Aug 6 2016 12:30

What does this have to do with theory?

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Aug 7 2016 15:49

I've noticed that user Maclane has a real bad habit of copying posts on his blog and using them to open up threads unchanged, and very rarely bothers to engage in any discussion created by them.

I suspect in a day or two we'll have another topic about Sinn Fein and equal pay.

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Aug 7 2016 17:39

I'm more worried about a fucker writing about downsizing to a terraced house!!!