EKS on the Türk Telekom strike

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Jun 10 2008 11:36
EKS on the Türk Telekom strike

From the ICC (the second two articles are new in English):

“We are publishing below a series of four articles translated from the Turkish by the comrades of Enternasyonalist Komünist Sol, all dealing with the recent strike at Türk Telekom. Readers will remember that we have already published an article on this subject (the second in this series), entitled “Victory at Türk Telekom” which covered the end of the 44-day strike by 26,000 workers, which ended with a 10% wage increase. We are now able to publish the complete series of the articles published on the subject by EKS: the first was written at the beginning of the strike and analysed briefly the forces in the conflict, while the second covered the end of the strike which it considered as a victory for the workers.

The two articles that followed were published as part of a debate within EKS as to the real nature of the end of the strike: comrade Temel argues that whatever the appearances the strike was in reality a defeat, while comrade Devrim’s reply returns to the original analysis of the strike and to comrade Temel’s criticisms to conclude that whatever its weaknesses, the strike was on the contrary a victory in both economic and in political terms.