First of May and What is an "Anti-Authoritarian"

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Apr 26 2008 21:36
First of May and What is an "Anti-Authoritarian"

First for movement sectologists, the following poster may prove interesting:

In terms of the 1st of May demonstration in Warsaw, most of the participants will be anarchists outside the organizations mentioned on the poster. But the preparation of May Day has turned up some rather sleazy politics and tendencies towards liberalism.

The biggest noise around 1 of May took place when the main organizers decided they were open to "antiauthoritarian left groups and parties" and then continued to define this as "you can't come to May 1 with hammer and sickles". (It was pretty amazing considering members of one of the organzing groups organized a picket to defend the Czech Communist Party from delegalization.) They continued to try to invite other leftists groups which they considered to fall within the realm of "the antiauthoritarian left", in other words failed parliamentarians who are fans of Hugo Chavez and cary Cuban and Venezuelan flags to demos. When questioned about that, they claimed "that's something entirely different". These leftists however decided that they would do something else on May Day.

Which left the organizers searching for "antiauthoritarian parties" to organize with. This left the Green Party to co-organize with.

Although there is no sign that the Polish Greens are equally as disgusting as their Hartz-IV and right loving German counterparts, a quick look at the program and history of the Greens shows that these people are simply not in the anti-capitalist camp. At best they are fans of progressive taxes and "balanced development"; at worst they run on the same ballot as capitalists from IMPEL two years ago at the very time when the workers' movement was protesting against it for firing unionists and providing shit work. If a couple of years ago anarchists were criticizing the Greens for being petit capitalists (some are actually bosses), now this matter doesn't play an issue.

Around May Day, instead of organizing talks with workers or even amongst anarchists, some people are instead making joint talks with the Greens and, even worse, a vice-chairman from LiD, the left parliamentarian fraction, who is busy promoting the EuroConstitution. Make no mistakes - this is no debate, but rather a love fest in the name of getting all the "antiauthoritarian left" together.

Quite sad that somehow parties have fallen into the category of "anti-authoritarian" and socialdemocrats and center leftists into the category of "anti-capitalists".

It leaves one to wonder how many people mix up the notion of anti-authotarianism with anti-totalitarianism, and social democracy with anti-capitalism.