Housework and compulsory heterosexuality

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Mr. Jolly
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May 8 2013 18:26


I dont think you will like this woman, as she (I think is IWW) is urging to escape what she says as the moral framing around prostitution and sex work (which she sees is a dead end) and instead really if one starts seeing it as a job it would be more fruitful when it comes to solidarity and real support and organising with those who are employed in sex work. She was talking at this years Dublin Anarchist Bookfair. The audio is not great. But its worth a listen I think.

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Chilli Sauce
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May 8 2013 19:14
We agree that it’s totally not ok to be a punter, but somehow it’s totally fine to watch on a screen? I don’t get it.

Did you read Jolasmo's last response?

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Deck access
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May 8 2013 20:08
Did you read Jolasmo's last response?

Yes, and I agreed with it... I'm not sure what part you mean?


it's possible for sex work to be like other kinds of work whilst still being unique in a number of ways.

This is true

it's impossible to buy sex from someone without being directly supervising their labour

and this

A second way prostitution differs is that it involves non-consensual sex (or at least sex where consent is not given freely and without coercion).

and this, which I think also applies to watching porn- I really don't think it's ok to wank to non-consensual sex


I think if you actually knew any sex workers, you'd be much less worried about them feeling sighted if you mentioned that you wouldn't ever buy sex.

this applies as well. Sex workers are hardly going to feel slighted if we don't watch porn.

Mr Jolly:
I'll have a listen, but from your description she sounds completely sensible? And I doubt she'd feel slighted by people who think it's not ok to buy sex...