Looking for Malatesta, Rocker & "El Productor" articles

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Aug 12 2008 18:30
Looking for Malatesta, Rocker & "El Productor" articles

In Errico Malatesta's "The Labour Movement and Anarchism" (December 1925) http://www.marxists.org/archive/malatesta/1925/12/syndic2.htm#n1 , writing to the Barcelona based anarcho-syndicalist publication "El Productor", comrade Malatesta wrote:

"In your journal I came across the following sentence: ‘If we must choose between Malatesta, who calls for class unity, and Rocker, who stands for a labour movement with anarchist aims, we choose our German comrade.’ This is not the first time that our Spanish language press has attributed to me ideas and intentions "

I am wondering if there exists, in digital format, the original Spanish language articles Malatesta is referring to. Does anyone on this list know? If so, I would be grateful for the link.

Thanks & solidarity!