state and corporate infiltration of radical groups and movements

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state and corporate infiltration of radical groups and movements

Recently in Europe there has been a scandal involving the UK state security apparatus and the infiltration/monitoring and counter-subvertion of radical/protest movements and groups. A very similar process has taken place in the USA:

COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations.

COINTELPRO tactics included discrediting targets through psychological warfare, planting false reports in the media, smearing through forged letters, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, extralegal violence and assassination. Covert operations under COINTELPRO took place between 1956 and 1971, however the FBI has used covert operations against domestic political groups since its inception.[2] The FBI's stated motivation at the time was "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order."

Very interesting is J. Edgar Hoover's response to a report on the black panther party by an FBI field agent that the main activity of the Chicago was the Free Breakfast for School Children Program. He simply reiterated his view that they are a criminal organisation and that the Black Panthers as "the greatest threat to the internal security of the country."

How is this programme, which famously hounded the Black Panther Party and associated radical civil rights movements, related to modern tactics of the UK state and corporate infiltration of radical/protest movements? How are we being politically policed by the modern capitalist state's shadow organisations? How are they controlled politically (FBI's J. Edgar Hoover had the powers of a God and a lot of times did'nt bother reporting to congress or the President, at times he held them in contempt)? How are they executed and who decides the targets? And more importantly, objectively, how damaging are they to working class movements and to our groups?

It's claimed by ACPO that they don't infiltrate Trade Union's and other legal Labour organisations. How true is this? Have any of you got stories about being propositioned or targeted by suspect state assets in these organisation. I most certainly do.

Here are a few interesting links and resources on the subject. Could folks also please recommend any material related to modern state security craft:


Ex-Police in Industry and Commerce (from the links page on the ACPO website)



Government Communications Headquarters


the defence of the realm

Cointelpro: The FBI's Secret War on Political Freedom

The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence

There is a reference in the book above about the CIA intelligence community which reminds me a lot about the cliquiness of popular anarchist circles:

Socially as well as professionally they cliqued together, forming a sealed fraternity. They ate together at their own special favorite restaurants; they partied almost only among themselves; their families drifted to each other, so their defenses did not always have to be up. In this way they increasingly separated themselves from the ordinary world and developed a rather skewed view of that world. Their own dedicated double life became the proper norm, and they looked down on the life of the rest of the citizenry. And out of this grew what was later named -- and condemned -- as the "cult" of intelligence, an inbred, distorted, elitist view of intelligence that held it to be above the normal processes of society, with its own rationale and justification, beyond the restraints of the Constitution, which applied to everything and everyone else

The Anthropology of Ritual: Monitoring and Stewarding Demonstrations in Northern Ireland

The Troubles

Provisional Irish Republican Army

Secret recording of Stakeknife

Ulster Defence Regiment

Ulster Defence Association

Sam McCrory who, along with Johnny `Mad Dog' Adair

The murderous pair above along with republican groups caused splits in the working class. How do we keep working class political control from dangerous nationalist gangsters and interference from state security forces?

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Good post. Will have a look at this later.