What would an anarchist society look like?

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Jan 9 2018 16:15

Just FYI Thunaraz, you're responding to a thread that ended almost 7 years ago. Many of the posters from this thread do not come here anymore.

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Jan 9 2018 16:51

Well this is libcom.org so lets go with the anarcho-communist society, and we'll ignore post-civ for now
Resources would be distributed according to need, and green technology would likely be at the forefront. Everyone in society would have a house with solar windows and solar panels on their roof. The existence of smoke stalks would be eliminated. There would be wind turbines and tidal energy created everywhere. Noone would "own" a forest, and so the forests would thrive like they havent in a very long time. Cutting down trees would not happen nearly as often as it does now, as money would be eliminated. You would see people on the streets engaging in activities they find fun and self-fulfilling, rather than being forced to engage in work. Architecture would be designed to best combat the regions local natural disasters, such as buildings being built in Florida to repel heavy winds. There would be no money, and instead people would engage in mutual aid and gift giving. Social classes would not exist, everyone would be on an equal level and everyone treated like a human, rather than a cog in a machine. Anything that effects a person would be voted on by the people effected by it. For instance if a random city were to be hit by a category 5 hurricane, the people effected would decide if they should rebuild, or just move away from the region. Everything would be based on direct democracy, rather than representative. There would be no borders, meaning people would be able to freely and voluntarily move where they please, meaning you'd likely see people of all shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, sexes, genders, etc all around you, moreso than we see today. If a man from africa were to want to immigrate to where the former nation of china was previously, he would be free to do so without restriction.
Now if we're in a post-civ world, things would look a bit different. We wouldnt have many "workshops" or "factories", instead we would engage in scavenging the ruins of our old society for to recycle materials, and putting them to better use. Using old broken pieces of glass to make a cooker, finding some old thrown about leather to sew a new jacket for a friend, etc. etc.

TL;DR an anarcho-communist / libertarian communist society would be very very satisfying to everyone, where we would all feel welcome, and truly, TRULY free

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Jan 9 2018 20:56
Khawaga wrote:
Just FYI Thunaraz, you're responding to a thread that ended almost 7 years ago. Many of the posters from this thread do not come here anymore.

I'm a bit scatterbrained, i'm afraid