Whether they ‘pay their debts’ or not, the employers and all the bourgeois states of Europe are moving onto the attack against t

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Whether they ‘pay their debts’ or not, the employers and all the bourgeois states of Europe are moving onto the attack against t

The workers can only defend themselves with a full-scale general mobilisation, by reorganising themselves into a true trade union which fights for class objectives!

As scientifically predicted by Marxist communism, the internal contradictions of the capitalist regime are brining about its ruin.

The present international economic crisis isn’t just financial, but results from over-production. Bankruptcy, debt and speculation are not the causes but the inevitable consequences of the recession and of the historical bankruptcy of capital – which is industrial and financial combined – as a mode of production. The markets are glutted with unsold commodities, many branches of production are cutting production and entire factories are closing down. The number of the unemployed who are often not on welfare benefits, is going up. Capital is finding it more and more difficult to keep its slaves alive.

States throughout the world, both ‘right’ and ‘left’ governments, have intervened to defend the profits of national capital. On the one hand they have forcibly reduced salaries and increased the intensity and duration of the working day, on the other they have accumulated enormous debts with a view to preventing the crisis from coming to a head; a crisis which has already been around for decades and is finally spiralling out of control. The unravelling world crisis has further demonstrated the failure of the profit making regime, both in the form of State capitalism and in its so-called liberal, free-trade incarnation. As the crisis takes hold, the use of the infamous bourgeois myth of Democracy, to disguise the iron Dictatorship of capital over the working class, is becoming increasingly difficult.

Any policy implemented by the bourgeois State is bound to be against the working class. National capitals are indissolubly intertwined with the world market and global finance. To call for these connections to be severed is not only utopian but reactionary. For any government of any State, also those of the big imperialist powers, and for the international finance organisations, the policy on budgets, taxes etc, is imposed from without, by the deterioration of the economic substructure; they have no choice in the matter.

Whether a national bourgeoisies is permitted to have its declaration of bankruptcy postponed, or whether in the end it is forced to accept it, the fact of the matter is, whether it ‘pays’ or ‘doesn’t pay’, that conditions will get worse for the workers if they don’t resist the mounting pressure put on them by the bosses and States with a general, well-organised mobilisation of the class.

The debt – of the bourgeois State to the bourgeoisie and of the bourgeois State to other bourgeois States – is nothing to do with the workers. It is indicative of their agonised and ruinous state, not that of our class. The workers are not oppressed by “debt slavery” but by wage slavery.

It isn’t the job of the working class to advise the bourgeois State how it should bring about an impossible ‘return to economic growth’, but to oppose, with all its strength, the bosses’ attempts to profit from the crisis by increasing its exploitation of the workers, dividing them, and channelling the movement into false channels.

The present crisis, so generalised, deep and irreversible, demonstrates that the capitalist regime has nothing to offer proletarians. They won’t be able to save themselves within the confines of the individual factory, nor of the individual nation. Proletarians have no country. The proletariat can only save itself, and along with it the whole of the world’s oppressed, by re-establishing the unity of its class, first at the national, then on the international scale.

This regime will not collapse due just to its highly evident economic, social and intellectual bankruptcy. If the bourgeois class still manages to retain political power at the State level, if the conscious international action of the revolutionary proletariat and communism doesn’t intervene, humanity will be hurled into a third world war, the only instrument which can allow Capital to regenerate itself through the catastrophic destruction of enormous masses of commodities and human beings.

Today, every bourgeois government, of ‘right’ and of ‘left’, has been impelled by the crisis to impose harsh measures on the labouring class. Tomorrow, faced with its imminent collapse it will try and draw the workers into slaughtering each other in a new war to divide up the global market, but above all, to prevent revolution.

This prediction made by revolutionary communism will be confirmed tomorrow just as the Marxist prediction of the great crisis has been confirmed today, because both are based on the same scientific foundation of Marxism, and of its reading of the historical experience of two centuries of capitalism, of its crises, revolutions and two world wars.

The demand to “not pay the debt” and the struggle “against the bankers’ Europe” doesn’t defend the working class. On the contrary they are slogans which may be useful to a future bourgeois government, decked out in red or black, which has the job of drawing the workers into a war to defend ‘the country’ against the enemy nations.

The real proletarian struggle isn’t against debt but against wage slavery! Workers must once again make the historic demands of the workers’ movement their own:
- Minimum wage for all workers linked to the cost of living;
- The same wage for workers who have lost their jobs;
- Reduction of working hours with wage levels maintained;
- The same working conditions regardless of race, nationality or gender;
- Immigrant workers and their families to have full civil rights.

These demands are ones which all workers have in common, uniting their struggles over and above the religious, racial, sectional and company divides. And it is only on the basis of these demands that a general mobilisation of the class can be built.

These historical demands have been snatched out of the workers’ hands and replaced with ones which divide them and keep them firmly incarcerated within the company prisons, causing them to forget, after decades of the regime trade unionism, what they once stood up for. But whoever calls on the workers today to ‘struggle against the debt’ is just providing a new disguise for this old anti-worker work of opportunism, which remains forever with us!

What is becoming an ever more urgent matter for workers is to re-establish a trade union united front on the basis of these demands, and to call for their unconditional defence, opposed as they are to the interests of the bourgeois national economy and incompatible with capitalism, clearing the way thereby for the reconstitution of a powerful class trade union, outside and against the regime trade unions!

The working class has to relearn how to organise seperately from the dominant enemy classes and apart from the vacillating intermediate strata and their “movements”, because only the working class represents the seed of the future, and has the strength to bring a better future into being. But only a class which is well organised and focussed on its objectives, which employs the strike weapon and not the polling booths, will be able to draw to its side all the boundless expressions of social discontent with capitalism.

For this it is necessary that the political organisation of the proletariat, the International Communist Party – which is the indispensable instrument for keeping alive today the revolutionary communist perspective – is strengthened and expanded, so that it will be able, one day, to lead the proletariat in the struggle to take political power, and embark on the road to the complete communist emancipation of mankind.


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