Why the Jews?

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Jan 8 2009 03:21
Jones wrote:
I'm sure there's a shit load written on this, but put in simple terms - why have the Jews been so persecuted over 2000+ years?

It is a sad state of affairs that questions such as this get asked on an Internet forum. It means that our educational system has completely failed us.

As is admited, there is a shitload written on this. Do people not know how to perform basic research? Certainly, that there is a lack of educating critical thinking skills, but lack of basic research skills? Do people really not understand that to learn one must actually read books?

Ever hear of a library? It is full of these things called books. And some of these books are about something called history. And in these history books there is a shitload written about Judaism in Europe.

Try reading "Constantine's Sword," John Carroll. Tells you a, um, shitload.

Troll, lazy or dumb... Take your pick.

wow. thanks so much for your constructive help with this.

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Jan 8 2009 03:27
petey wrote:
yeah, as you say, sort of - lots of people still don't like 'em. but their initial reception is the closest thing i can think of to the pogroms and disabilities to which jews have been subjected.

you know what, i completely misread the morman portion of your original post. i thought you were saying all was fine and dandy for them. my mistake.

complete derailing on amish--what's it called when they turn 18 and can go absolutely shit crazy?

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Jan 8 2009 16:11
jesuithitsquad wrote:
complete derailing on amish--what's it called when they turn 18 and can go absolutely shit crazy?

rumspringa (

Alderson Warm-Fork
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Jan 9 2009 23:06

One element that might be worth considering with regard to how anti-semitism differs from other forms of racism is that there's a strong strand of conspiracy-theory type anti-semitism: a sort of distinctive anti-semitic worldview where jews, far from being 'inferior' or 'brutish', have the greatest historical agency - they are responsible for everything that goes wrong, they control everything you dislike, etc. They function as a sort of super-natural force, in that they are beyond any observable or measurable social phenomenon, hiding in the shadows, controlling everything.

As to why they got this role (I think it arose more strongly in relatively recent centuries) - they are cosmopolitan (as opposed to groups focused in a certain country), they are relatively successful in terms of wealth, professions, etc. (as opposed to groups that are consistently poor and marginalised, like Indian Muslims), and they have a sort of ritualistic magical thing going on with the special food and special clothes and special language.

Plus all the things everyone else has said.

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Jan 11 2009 12:54

I have not been able to read all of this thread unfortunately, but I think the various texts by Karl Kautsky on the Jewish question are interesting (though I have not read them all):
- On the problems of the jewish proletariat in England
- Are the jews a race?
- on the historical development of Judaism see the section The Jews in the Foundations of Christianity