An individuals thoughts on captialism

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Tom A
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Jul 29 2004 22:44
An individuals thoughts on captialism

To some I may be stating the blatantly obvious, and I may have actually known this for a while, but tonight this has become clear as day to me why captialism can never benfit the whole of humanity:

Well to start, for captiaism to benefit everyone, every individual has to put themself, and themself alone, first and formost (even if it is to the detriment to everone else).

It means that it is indeed possible for someone from the most imporverished background to work his/her way up the class ladder, but it is achived by the exploitation of everyone who gets in the way (and insuring that no one else tries to usurp them). In other word, captialism would only work if everyone was screwing everyone else i.e. "greed is good". In reality this is not the case (and even if it was, it would not be sort of society that I would choose to live in). Another problem is to sustain the wealth of the people at the top, they have to exploit a lot more people at the bottom, so it will never be possible for all the people at the bottom of the class pyramid to live like those at the top, despite any aspirations to do so. Which is fine if you are at the top of that pyramid, but it sucks if you happen to be at the bottom.

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Jul 30 2004 17:43

very true.

Also, even if you happen to be near the top of that ladder you still have to subjugate yourself to the economy, to behave to its laws and be a cog (albeit a slightly more free one) in a mechanical process.

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Aug 2 2004 13:12

Exactly who thinks they're winning here is beyond me, anyone at the top of the money pile that is society who possesses a brain must certainly be aware that a) they are the one of the most evil individuals on the planet and b) the system that currently treats them so nicely is, by its very nature, unsustainable and will most likely draw its last breath within the lifetimes of those currently in power.

Now if I was a rich business tycoon, and I realised that soon enough I was going to have 6 billion angry people, whose lives i had spent mine destroying, and with all those nice guns i sold them, coming for me, I'd forget the Nasdaq and invest in a really good hiding place.

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Aug 5 2004 13:12

Yeah, "I'm alright Jack."

That's why I detest the propaganda term "developing countries". What it means is "exploited countries". Capitalism is exploitation of the weak by the strong, simple as that. Its the reason we have a "working class" - they are just the exploited in this local area. Their loss of power is more down to the fact that the manufacturing industries have found it more profitable to exploit people in weaker countries. We just sit in this country living off the backs of the weak in other countries. To hear some people talk you'd think they were noble working-class heroes but even when you're poor in this country you live like a king compared to most of the rest of the world.