A critical interview with one of the libcom group

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Jul 21 2007 06:07

smashing job. and 'pedophile' was spoken only once, and there's reason.
i'd have touted ret marut's nepal reporting alongside the france reporting.

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Jul 21 2007 09:17
Mike Harman wrote:
There was the Chris Morris stuff as well.

Yeah I guess Americans don't know about this. And the lack of hysteria in the US about this that there is here, it's a kind of post-ironic nod to this, with an attack on the moronic anarchists which support it, as it's about the most ridiculous thing anyone could support. I should have probably added something about nationalism in there as well, but I think I wrote that answer a while ago, possibly before the recent wave of discussions about it.

Cheers for the three or so comments on the parts of the interview outside of one throwaway word!