Infrastructure ensuring equal access for all

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El Kablamo
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Dec 27 2007 22:25
Infrastructure ensuring equal access for all

Okay, so we know that the proletarian revolution will be born from the womb of imperialism, because imperialism has the ability to produce for the world three times over. We know that there is such a thing as class-consciousness and interests, we know that the proletariat can run society on its own, and illegitimize the old bourgeoisie state, by dealing a blow which fragments it, and preventing its coordination.

Now onto the questions; in a post revolutionary period some of us envision the workers unitary organizations enacting rationaing systems, price controls, greater working/living conditions, and maybe a system of LTVs, how do such systems ensure an abundance of materials?

We know that the creation of profit neccesitiates poverty at one pole and wealth at the other. The impovershed pole doesn't have the resources, or the infrastructure of the wealthy one. How do we build such an infrasture to ensure equal access to resources for all? How do we organize such a distribution system? Will people still want to be stockers, truck drivers, and dock-workers? The only way I can think of why anyone would want to be such is that they would have the power, so theyd have more say, and actually design new systems of distribution.

But still this doesn't answer the question, and I'm probably going to be accused of utopian thinking since I'm trying to look in the "mists of the future, of which no one can predict". But, I'm not asking for predictions but just a few ideas, that will be thrown around in conference halls. We need to have some ideas of how its is possible to equally distribute the thrice produced resources of the world at both poles, otherwize if we keep telling people " we cant predict what this new society will look like" they will doubt themselves, and continued to be conquered and divided by the bourgeoisie.