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Dec 30 2005 01:25 online reading group - information

This thread has information about the online reading group.

The aim of this reading group is to go through texts on the Libertarian Communist Library (or anywhere else!) together, ask each other about any things we don't understand or don't get, and discuss the meaning and relevance of any texts to us and our lives and struggles today.

In this thread will be links to our current and past texts, reading deadlines and the subsequent discussions.

All discussion about the texts takes place on our Thought forum. If you start a discussion about one of the texts, please begin the title with "RG#: ", where "#" is the number of the reading group (numbers listed below)

RG1: Value, Price and Profit - Karl Marx


:> Preface to Chapter VI - 09.01.2006; Chapter VII to end - 23.01.2006


:> Initial discussion and the Labour Theory of Value

RG2: Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene

:> Initial discussion

:> Chapter 1 discussion