More harm than good?

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Steve Booth
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Jul 10 2005 19:37
More harm than good?

[Something seems to have gone wrong here - this was intended to go in the 'So what is wrong with Live 8' thread]

Does this mean that we should just get out of places like Africa and leave the people to sort it out for themselves? I worry about this because it seems to me that all the various efforts well meaning people make might be doing more harm than good.

I agree with the poster above who sees a lot of the Live 8 stuff as patronising. Then there is the middle class guilt trip thing where people think if they stuff a £5 in there it will have some effect and they can go away and stop thinking about it.

Perhaps the answer is for us to sort out our own house and put it in order before we start to go lecturing other people about how they should live.

But part of me also sees things like River Blindness and Malaria and all the other diseases that can be prevented and treated, and the resources in the west which could be put to stopping children starving, the medical resources which could be used to help. All the stuff that is wasted here. On the whole, I'd like to see more things being done to help, than people just walk away and leave the poor people to starve.