Supporting the Iraqi 'militia'

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Sep 17 2004 16:37

I totally agree with you. But what exactly do you want us to do? We live in a unipolar world where the US and its cronies act like Big Brother. Let's look at the bigger picture. It's not just Iraq. It is so many other places. Look at Yugoslavia. Look at Palestine. Look at Zimbabwe. Look at what recently happened to Aristide. Americans themselves must take the first stpe and see to it that their governments have a conscience. But the Americans themselves are so comfortable with the way things are. They are content to sit back and exclaim every once in a while in typical liberal fashion that their government is bad. But what are they doing about it besides setting up dozens of non-governmental organisations that earn lots of money for a few people who think they are some genus of demi-gods or self-appointed altruists?

It is all about the global system that is in place and that we support everyday through tiny things that we do not even notice.

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Oct 28 2004 08:18
revol68 wrote:
oh yeah a wee update on the recent actions of those brave anti imperialists in the Islamist militias... taken from the Worker Communist Party of Iraq Website
The Political Islam’s Crimes against Women in the Iraqi city of Mousul

In one of the public health sectors in the city of Mousul, the Islamists committed some of their several misogynist crimes that aim relentlessly to possibly extinguish their thirst for blood and hatred for women.

The Islamist terrorist savages could not tolerate women to work and feed themselves and their families. They want them blindfolded, covered by Hijab and heavy rags thrown in the kitchens of their houses serving as slaves. They want them humiliated, with no opinion or character or a normal life like any sane human being of our time.

Political Islam groups exploited the chaos, lack of security and absence of law since the USA ominous war and subsequent occupation to disseminate horror and terrorism across Iraq. Everyday, they add more transgressions to their criminal record against civility and women’s right. Recently these women were murdered by these Islamists:

Lina al-Aswad a medical doctor who has been practicing for the last 10 years. She was shot dead in Al Qayara - Mousul.

Hefi Abdul Satar a pharmacist in al-Khansaa Hospital. She was gunned down before her house in al-Noor suburb. Her family is also threatened to be killed by these terrorists.

Sanabul Nwel Tabakh a veterinarian killed in Wahda suburb in Mousul while in her way to work.

Layla Abdulla al-Haj Said a professor of Law and Dean of the Law Faculty at the University of Mousl. She was gunned down with her husband. She was also beheaded to further terrorize people in that suburb.

Iman Abdul Monem Younis, a lecturer at the Faculty of Languages and head of Translation Department at the University of Mousul, was gunned down.

Tagrid Abdul Masih a public servant in the town of Bartila.

Hala Abdul Masih (Tagrid’s sister) a public servant in Bartila.

Tara Majeed Butros a public servant in Bartilla.

Mass killing is practiced against women working as interpreters or as workers with foreign companies. Many were murdered in the last several months in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities.

Political Islam’s violence against women must be stopped. The terrorist Islamic forces must be expelled from the Iraqi society. This task relies on the will power of women and men who are seeking a world where freedom and security prevail. This goal will only take place if the secular and freedom-loving forces stand up to the Islamic terrorism, which claims the lives of more women every moment merely for being women.

Let us make ending Islamic terrorism against women in Iraq our priority and urgent task.

Join the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq to struggle together to put an end to the Islamic violence against women.

We call on all women and men in Iraq and worldwide to collaborate and struggle to end the Islamic violence against women.

Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq.

September 14, 2004

anyway keeping playing the old either/or gameim sure the woman of iraq will be very grateful for ur solidairty!

So, like, what your saying is that the islamist bourgeoisie are a bit shit really? are you sure? I mean i thought they were nice cuddly people. Man your sensationalism has certainly blown my illusions out of the water, those damn ''savages'' roll eyes

A present the islamists have free reign, they are the only army with access to GUNS, unless you want to be a liberal and pretend the the workers communist party of iraq doesn't need guns and tanks to carry out a successful revolution. They don't produce weapons in iraq, i mean the control of weapons production by the imperialist power is the most basic point in understanding how imperialism works!!..

Imperialism leaves feudal structures in place so you get a really reactionary national bourgeoisie, which is one of the reasons why national liberation movements are often so reactionary in character.

An islamist national bourgeois govt in iraq would follow a similar model to iran, when the threat of US/european imperialism declines, the power of the working class advances and the power of the national islamist bourgeoisie declines. The more imperialism exists as a threat or physical force the more reactionary the islamists can get away with being.

If your going to pretend that the iraqi revolutionary left have enough power accross the whole of iraq to fight imperialism or bring about social revolution (which even in 1991 at its peak it would have had trouble doing with or without foreign interference) then its not worth discussing anything, because that would clearly be a delusional beleif not based on the facts.

It would effectively be as delusional as pretending that iraq is a unified country with set borders, which is also what your doing,


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Oct 28 2004 16:36

Oh bollocks. As soon as the primitivists have fucked off up pop 'anarchist' anti-imperialists supporting religious nutters

For fucks sake whats wrong is the old tried and tested not supporting any faction of the ruling class and instead supporting working class struggles?

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Oct 28 2004 18:52
nastyned wrote:
Oh bollocks. As soon as the primitivists have fucked off up pop 'anarchist' anti-imperialists supporting religious nutters

oh i called for unconditional withdrawal of troops, how silly of me, of course what i really should have been doing is screaming at the muslims that they're ''savages'', how very economically astute of you.


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Oct 28 2004 18:55
Jack wrote:
Maybe they can march on the US/UK forces en mass, lead by bugle palyers, and defeat the occupying forces by having more men than they do, and thus being more proletarian. grin

na, what you do is all have a meeting where you concentrate your mental powers, and suddenly imperialism doesn't exist any more