Where's all our Taxes going?

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Big Brother
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Jan 17 2007 18:09
Where's all our Taxes going?

Where's all our Taxes going?

Surely it can't all be going to the war effort in the middle east? Even there I am hearing that troops are being given iffy bullets that don't fire straight. What the hells going on? Even my government department having to "restructure" i.e. cut 33 lowest paid workers, which I had to toe the line "Please sir can I keep my job?" process. Or is it as I suspect that all our taxes are just disappearing into off-shore bank accounts.

What's has Gordon Brown done or hasn't done as the case maybe. Can someone sort out the facts from fiction here?

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Lazy Riser
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Jan 17 2007 18:16


Or is it as I suspect that all our taxes are just disappearing into off-shore bank accounts.

It goes into the Government's bank account. Tax, certainly in the modern age, is primarily a way to throttle the money supply, a bit like the BoE interest rate. Some of it is given to foreign interests though, so you're partially correct.



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Rob Ray
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Jan 17 2007 18:53

Spending review 2004 is the latest document out summing it all up, next one is due some time this year. Happy reading.

Total Departmental expenditure limit - (last year) 301.9bn, of which

Top five spends:

Health - 78.5bn
Local Govt. - 43.7bn
Defence - 30.8bn
Education - 20.6bn
Home Office - 12.7bn

So for all you sharp-eyed types out there, yes almost precisely 1 in 10 of our tax pounds goes to the MoD, while education gets just 1 in 15.

On notable in this is IT spending which, spread across everything, is costing 15bn which it certainly weren't a few years ago. That's a fairly hefty slice (and set to get WAY larger once they introduce new databases etc).

There's also 218.9bn of Annually Managed expenditure, which includes social services (by far the biggest slice, around half of the total), paying off govt debts (Around a quarter of said total, this includes the debt cost of Iraq/Afghanistan so much of it can be added to the MoD total expenditure), Pensions (around 2-3% of the total), depreciation of government items (4%ish), and the Common Agricultural Policy.