May Day Activities in Turkey!

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Apr 24 2007 16:42
May Day Activities in Turkey!

Hey Dev, and other comrades in Turkey. I'm not sure if you guys know all of these events going on, or not, so here's some links from a-infos. I hope this helps with your plans.

(en) Turkey, Ankara: Police harrassment in solidarity action with cons. objector H.Savda
Tue Apr 24 13:34:50 GMT 2007

On 12th of April an action was organized in Ankara as a part of international day of action in support of conscientious objector Halil Savda who is imprisoned in Corlu. The group (Ankara Conscientious Objection Working Group) consisted of human rights activists from IHD and mostly anarchists from AAI-Ankara Anarchy Initiative. As usual for such actions it was in the form of a press statement with massive participation in downtown Kizilay-Yuksel Street. The group carried some anti-militarist placards and shouted such slogans. It was "normal" in Ankara for such anti-militarist actions that police making ID-check of the one reading the press statement, but this time they have ID-checked all of the participants and arrested two of them carrying a placard ...

(en) Turkey, Istanbul: About the closing of MekAn*(tr)anarchists) (tr)
Tue Apr 24 12:54:24 GMT 2007

Dear Friends
After the meeting of Mekan held on 15th of April;
it was decided that Mekan will be closed on 3rd of May.
In exchange of paying 200 ytl (not paid yet) for the cost of 15 days of rent, we
have agreed with the manciple to stay there until the 3rd of May.
was desired both to give some time to the people staying there for personal
needs and also to solve the problems of accomodation of the friends who'll come from various places for 1st of May action. And it was thought to host the meetings that'll be held before and after the 1st of May action in there.

(en) Turkey: , Istanbul: Anarchists meeting in Taksim in 2007! (tr)
Tue Apr 24 12:50:33 GMT 2007

In the evening of Saturday, 14th of April, Anarchists who have met in Taksim Mekan from various districts of Istanbul have decided to meet in Taksim on 2007, 1st of May.....Taksim square which was closed to 1st of May celebrations for 30 years following the bloody 1st of May 1977, now has more meaning than that of the leftist speculations in its 30th year. On 2007 1st of May, Istanbul Taksim square which was invaded lots of times by Racism, Lumpenism and Militarism, will be the meeting place of Anarchists we will host coming all around [Turkey] with the participation -first of all- from the districts of Istanbul, and the cities such as Izmit, Ankara, Izmir, Bitlis and Sivas.

(en) Turkey: 1st of May website (for anarchists) (tr)
Tue Apr 24 12:47:03 GMT 2007

You can follow the latest calls about 1st of May and latest info about
anarchists' participation from the address of
You can also send those calls you want to publish to the address of <>

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