After Kronstadt

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Jul 14 2009 17:24
After Kronstadt

What happened to the 8000 Kronstadt sailors who managed to escape after Kronsdat to Finland? Did they organise there? Or elsewhere? Was any literature produced? Petrichenko it seems became a Soviet spy! I am doing a piece on Russsian anarchism and would be keen if anyone could point me in the right direction, thanks.

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Jul 14 2009 21:31

Well, the WORST story I know is about Petrichenko who was expelled for being a Soviet spy. They accused him of supporting Soviet groups during the Winter War --- and this might have actually been true. Then he was deported to the Soviet Union where he was quickly arrested, send to a labour camp and died.

Petrichenko and some others also got into a majorly sleazy deal with Wrangel to fight against the Bolsheviks.

Many of these people went to Berlin, Paris and Prague as far as I know. Some wound up in refugee camps in Finland for a while.

One thing that is interesting is that there were many refugees going to Finland and the Finnish authorities did not want to take certain people - for example Jews and some politicals. So it is understandable that a good deal of these people immigrated to larger European cities.

There were some articles written by those people - I have a few. But they are about Kronstadt and don't really deal with what happened later.

There is a rather new book about it, but in Finnish: Kronstadtin kapina 1921 Erkki Wessman, Veikko Lintinen ja Pertti Huusari. Maybe some Finnish comrades have read it and can say more.