Poster for benefit for Phelps-Dodge and British miners - Libertarian Workers Group

A poster from a joint LWG (WSA) - RSL benefit for British and Phelps-Dodge miner strikes in NYC. Donated by NY WSA Library.

1989 IWW referendum to affiliate with the IWA

In 1989 the IWW passed a referendum to affiliate with the IWA which passed 71 - 44 based on the internal General Organizing Bulletin of the union from that year. The text of the referendum was reprinted in the Industrial Worker which is included here.

Contributed source donated from WSA Archives

Internationale 1938.05

This is the May issue of the 1938 Internationale, the monthly review of the IWA-AIT which discusses the 1938 congress and the Spanish civil war.

Idee und Organisation im Lichte konstruktiver Planung des Sozialismus

Eine Debatte in der IWA-AIT über post-kapitalistischen Gesellschaft, Arbeiterräte, und die Struktur der revolutionären unionen.

H. Drewes -

1. Die Streitfrage

Las Pendientes Resbaladizas (Los anarquistas en España)

Un libro de un militante de Federación Obrera Regional Uruguaya (FORU), Manuel Azaretto, sobre anarcosindicalismo en España y un critica desde perspectiva forista de la CNT y su acciones durante la revolución española. El texto tiene cuatro partes, y un introduccion con el autor desconocido.

Tomado desde Fondation Bresnard


For direct action: [anti-nukes leaflet]

A leaflet from the Libertarian Workers Group (later of Workers Solidarity Alliance) and the Libertarian Book Club of New York as part of the anti-nuke movement.

They call for direct action against nuclear energy and weapons, and a self-managed society to avert such catastrophes.

Better late than never - Needle Trades Action Workers Committee

This is a 1981 shop leaflet from the Needle Trades Workers Action Committee, a rank and file group within UAW district 65 textile shops.

The Needle Trades Workers Action Committee was created by the Libertarian Workers Group, the new york anarchosyndicalist group that would co-found Workers Solidarity Alliance a few years thereafter with other similar groups across the US. This leaflet is responding to the decline of the union local, and puts forward workers self-organization to their coworkers.

La legalización (de la CNT)

Un articulo sobre la legalizacion de la CNT en 1977 de un periodico de la CNT.

Revolution for freedom in El Salvador? - Workers Solidarity Alliance

A 1982 article about the civil war in El Salvador from the publication Ideas & Action by the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA).

This is a scanned article from Ideas & Action by the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA). It covers El Salvador, Nicaragua, and an anarchist analysis of events there and the potential for libertarian society.

A history of socialist thought - G.D.H. Cole

All of G.D.H. Cole's five part (in seven volumes) series chronicling the history of socialist thought from 1789-1939.