Menzies and Pig Iron for Japan

Menzies and Pig Iron for Japan

An account of the refusal of Australian dockworkers to load ships with war materials for Japan, after news of the atrocities in China and fears that Japanese militarism would engulf Australia sooner or later. The strike was the inspiration for the Australian Labour song Pig Iron Bob.

The Pig Iron dispute occurred almost fifty-five years ago. It was an event that will go down in the annals of national and international history. The real political results of this struggle, I believe, have been played down somewhat by the historians. They, in my opinion, failed to take from it the valuable lessons for posterity.

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May 19 2017 09:06

Great stuff! Have you added this to the working class history calendar?

May 19 2017 12:11

I have now, I just had to double check what day the strike officially began as the text just said 11 o'clock that day.

May 20 2017 13:53

Great stuff. Please feel free to add dates from any articles you post, as when we post them to WCH they do get a lot more readers!