The slow burning fuse: the lost history of the British anarchists - John Quail

William Morris wallpaper

Partial text of John Quail's excellent history of the anarchist movement in the UK from its origins until the 20th century.

Text taken from the now-defunct John Gray archive
Unfortunately the whole text has not been scanned, available here are the introduction and first seven chapters. If anyone can help us OCR the rest please get in touch.


T La Palli
Apr 26 2011 11:16

Does anybody know if the rest of the chapters are online anywhere? I searched them but had no luck. Thought I'd double check before typing them out.

T La Palli
Apr 26 2011 11:17

I also think this deserves to be republished.

Kate Sharpley
Oct 30 2014 18:34

I got a copy at the bookfair (October 2014) - I'm assuming copies are still available from Freedom, though it's not on their website.

Mar 1 2018 11:23

Anybody know if John Quail is still working on his history of Solidarity?