استقرار نظام سرمایه در آمریکا، ریشه ها و شرایط تکوین اول ماه مه

[:" مبارزه پرولتاریا برای فراگیری تاریخِ خود جبهه ای در میانِ جبهه های متعدد در مبارزه طبقاتی است. این امری صرفا تئوریک، یا تجریدی یا کهنه و ملال¬¬آور نیست، این بخشی و جزئی از خود آگاهیِ طبقاتی است و میتواند به عنوان تئوریزه کردن تجربیات تاریخی پرولتاریای جهانی تعریف شود."

Kozhin, Foma (18?- 1921)

Foma Kozhin

A short biography of Makhnovist commander Foma Kozhin

The Astrakhan' shootings, March 1919

Account of the bloody repression of striking workers in the industrial town of Astrakhan by the Bolsheviks.

What can we learn from the recent protests?

This article is about the protests in general and the current one, it covers the common things and the weaknesses points between them. It also gives some suggestions how we can avoid these weaknesses to gain our goals.

PROP ’72: the history of a UK prisoners' union

A history of Preservation of the Rights of Prisoners, a group that organised a prison strike in the UK in 1972. This article is by London Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee, and was first published by Dog Section Press in their journal DOPE.

1936: Report On The Revolutionary Movement In Barcelona

Documentary film made by the CNT/FAI showing the first days of the Spanish revolution in Barcelona. Spanish Audio with English subtitles.

Taratuta, Alexander (Ovsey-Meer) Grigorievich (Gershkovich) aka Stanislav, Sasha (1879-1937)

Alexander Taratuta

A short biography of Alexander Taratuta, Russian social democrat and then anarchist communist.

The Ghosts of Peterloo

EP Thompson's landmark essay exonerating the Peterloo martyrs and incriminating the authorities.

Shaky claims and shaggy lion stories: a look back at a few great smears

Experimenting with throwing cement. Credit: Sam Gehrke/Williamette Weekly

A review of a few particularly memorable inventions from the imagination of police, media, and far-right trolls.

June 11, 1993: Toronto Anti-Racist Action target neo-nazi organiser

Documentation of an incident in 1993 where Toronto Anti-Racist Action targeted Gary Schipper, a nazi organiser who ran a telephone hotline from his home. Taken from the Arm the Spirit site.