“... we are being left to burn because we do not count”: Biopolitics, Abandonment, and Resistance

Shack Fire in the Kennedy Road settlement, Durban

Anna Selmeczi on popular resistance to the lethal segmentation of the urban order in South Africa.

[I]n line with Ranciere’s thought—which posits politics as the disruption of hierarchical orders of the sensible—and based on a discussion of the South African shack-dwellers’ struggle, it is argued that the dynamics of biopolitical abandonment can eventually be diverted—despite the tendency within (global) neoliberal governance to equalise law and fact, so working towards impeding the political subjectification of those who have no part.

“... we are being left to burn because we do not count” : Biopolitics, Abandonment, and Resistance148.49 KB

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red jack
Feb 3 2017 12:40


  • Shantytowns that are supposed to be effaced from spectacular visions of urban development might also be paradoxical places when, eventually bouncing into visibility, they are able to disrupt the distribution of the sensible that constructs them as spaces of abandonment.

    Anna Selmeczi