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Economic League Documents


In fact very few Economic League Documents, including the annual reports, were publicly available to non-subscribers or their employees, there is however a distinction to be drawn between these documents and the internal "leaked" documents I have had access to. This is by no means a complete list of all the published documents of which I have copies.

"Annual Reports", various years. Not available through libraries, but Labour Research, the Labour History Museum and TUC Library have many copies.


"The Facts about Industry", Economic League, early 1930's

"The Economic League - Aims, Methods and Achievements", Economic League, 1933

"National Hunger March - Why they are marching", Economic League 1934

"German Propaganda in Britain", Economic League, July 1939

"Fifty Fighting Years", Economic League, 1967

"Companies Under Attack-Political Disruption in Industry", Economic League, 1986

"Revolutionaries Today", Economic League, a nine part series commencing in 1986

"The Revolution Lives - a guide to Marxist Organisations in Britain", Economic League, 1991


"The Facts of the case", The Economic Study Club, 1921


"Two Minute News Review", Monthly

"Analysis - A Review of Current Issues" monthly from November 1990


I had access to a very large number of unpublished internal documents including:

North West Economic League blacklist, 1985

Minutes of the Research Group of the Economic League, 7th December 1988.

Lists of subscribers and companies using the solicitors Barnes & Co to hide donations

Numerous lists of Regional Council members

Minutes of the Director General's Advisory Committee, 25th August 1987

Assorted minutes of Central Council and Policy and Finance Committee

Letters circulated to subscribers following exposes of the blacklist in the media

Articles and Pamphlets Specifically about the League

This list does not include the numerous newspaper and magazine articles about the League.

Mark Hollingsworth

Mark Hollingsworth and Richard Norton-Taylor, "Blacklist: The Inside Story of Political Vetting", Hogarth, 1988

Mark Hollingsworth and Charles Tremayne, "The Economic League", The Silent Macarthyism, Liberty, 1989

Labour Research Department

"What is the Economic League?", 1937

"A subversive Guide to the Economic League", 1969

Independent Labour Party Information Committee

"The Economic League at Work - Capitalist Propaganda Exposed", September 1926

State Research Bulletin

"Bulletin No. 7", September 1978

Arthur McIvor

"'A Crusade for Capitalism': The Economic League 1919-39", Journal of Contemporary History, Vol 23, 1988

"The Economic League 1919-39" Research Working Paper, Polytechnic of Central London, 1983

"Combating the Left: Victimisation and Anti-Labour Activities on Clydeside, 1900-1939", Arthur McIvor and Hugh Patterson - in R. Duncan and A McIvor (eds), Militant Workers, John Donald

John Baker White

"Red Russia Arms", Burrup Mathieson, 1932

"The Innocents' Clubs" (pamphlet), John Baker White, 1935

"Dover Nurenberg Return", Burrup Mathieson, 1937

"The Red Network", International Anti-Communist Entente, 1939

"Its gone for Good", Vacher & Sons, 1941

"A Soldier Dares to Think", Vacher, 1942

"Nationalisation: Chaos or Cure?", Forum Books, 1946

"The Soviet Spy System", Falcon Press, 1948

"The Big Lie", Evans Bros, 1955

"Pattern for Conquest [On Russian intrigue and espionage in Europe since 1945]", Robert Hale, 1956

"Sabotage is Suspected", Evans Bros, 1957

"True Blue", Frederick Muller, 1970


Julian Amery "Approach March", 1973

Christopher Andrew, "Secret Service", Heinemann, 1985

Patrick Beesley, "Room 40", OUP, 1982

Ron Bean, "Liverpool Shipping Employers and the Anti-Bolshevik Activities of J.M.Hughs", Bulletin of the Society for the Study of Labour History, No 34, Spring 1977.

A B Carew, "The Lower Decks of the Royal Navy 1900-39", Manchester University Press, 1981

Maurice Cowling, "The Impact of Labour", Cambridge University Press, 1975; "The impact of Hitler", Cambridge University Press, 1975

Tom Cullen, "Maundy Gregory - Purveyor of Honours", Bodley Head

Stephen Dorril and Robin Ramsay, "Smear", Harper Collins, 1991

Barbara Lee Farr, Unpublished PhD Thesis, "The Development and Impact of Right-wing Politics in England 1903-32", University of Illinois, 1976

Paul Foot, "Who Framed Colin Wallace", Macmillan, 1989

Martin Gilbert's Companion Volume V to his biography of Churchill.

Richard Griffiths "Fellow Travellers of the Far Right", Constable, 1980

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Simon Haxey, "Tory MP",

Eric Hobsbawm, Volume 3 of the Pelican History of Britain, 1969

John Hope, "Fascism, the Security Service and the Curious Careers of Maxwell Knight and James McGuirk Hughes", Lobster #22; "British Fascism and the State 1917-1927: a re-examination of the documentary evidence", Labour History Review, Vol 57, No3, Winter 1992

Ellic Howe, "The Black Game", Michael Joseph, 1982

Mike Hughes, "Churchill and The Focus", Lobster 25, June 1993, Profiles of Blinker Hall, Lobster 26 and George Makgill, Lobster 28, [Original Dorril's],

H. Montgomery Hyde "The trial of Roger Casement", 1960

David Irving's "Churchill's War"

Admiral Sir William James, "The Eyes of the Navy", Methuen 1955, "The Sky Was Always Blue", Methuen 1951

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Douglas Jerrold, "Georgian Adventures", reprinted the following year by the Right Book Club

Tom Jones, "Whitehall Diary" ed K. Middlemas, London 1969

Tony Kushner and Kenneth Lunn (editors) ,"The Politics of Marginality", Frank Cass, 1990

David Leigh, "The Wilson Plot", Heineman, 1988

Lobster #11, #12, #22, #26,#28. Lobster was, until issue #26, Robin Ramsay and Stephen Dorril. Confusingly there are now two Lobsters produced each bearing the same number! Dorril Lobsters are available from Stephen Dorril at 135 School Street, Holmfirth West Yorkshire, HD7 2YB, Telephone 0484 681388. Ramsay Lobsters are available from Robin Ramsay at 214 Westbourne Avenue, Hull HU5 3JB, Telephone 0482 447558. I have contributed to the Dorril Lobster which means that Robin Ramsay no longer talks to me. However he was exceptionally supportive during the writing of this book, and read an earlier draft for me and made invaluable suggestions. I would therefore like to record my sincere thanks for his support. Both Steve and Robin can supply back copies of the jointly produced issues.

Labour Research Department, "The Federation of British Industries", 1950

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