The climate crisis …and the new green capitalism?

Photo by Sandri Alexandra

Aufheben convincingly argue that "green capitalism" is not impossible, and that capital can recuperate environmental struggles.

The euro crisis: taking the PIGS to market

Aufheben's account and analysis of the euro crisis.

Intakes: The Arab spring in the autumn of capital

An insightful analysis of the "Arab spring" by Friends of the Classless Society with the postscript written for Aufheben.


‘The Arab Spring in the autumn of capital’ was written at the end of November 2011 by ‘Friends of the Classless Society’, based in Berlin. Originally in German and translated into English, the text was then updated at Aufheben’s request with the addition of a postscript that was written at the end of June 2012.

Driving the NHS to market


Aufheben's analysis of the long-term project to turn the NHS into a private sector, market-oriented healthcare industry.


Going underground

London underground

Review article: Workmates – direct action workplace organising on the London underground.

This short pamphlet is the first of a new series from the Solidarity Federation (SolFed) which promises “to both document interesting accounts of workers in struggle, as well as attempts to draw the theoretical lessons from them (…) selected for their relevance for workers looking to organise today.” It focuses on track maintenance workers on the London Underground from the 1990s to today, with pa

Editorial: The ‘new’ workfare schemes in historical and class context

A Boycott Workfare banner

The editorial from Aufheben #21, which is available in print now, discussing the current workfare schemes and the struggle against them.

The storm of public outrage expressed against workfare schemes in February and March this year was quite unprecedented. People being forced to work for their benefits featured heavily in the news for weeks. This was perhaps surprising.

Aufheben #21 (2012)

Issue of Aufheben from October 2012 with articles about the euro crisis, green capitalism and climate change, workfare and the Arab spring.

Anatomy of a riot - radio interview with Bristol Radical History Group

Looting in Birmingham during the August 2011 'riots'

In August 2011, riots erupted in the UK following the police killing of a black man in North London. Four days of looting and battles with the authorities ensued.

Many conclusions were hastily drawn by the media, politicians, and the left about who rioted, who was targeted, and the nature of the riots. The Bristol Radical History Group did a postmortem of the unrest based on empirical data, which as Roger Wilson explains, sheds light on more than just the events of last year. He discusses the underlying politics of riots and rioting.

We have ways of making you talk!

Review Article Hotlines: Call Centre, Inquiry, Communism (Duisburg: Kolinko, 2002).

In recent years there has been a revival of interest within some political circles to the left of Leninism both in the concept and practice of workers’ inquiry and in ’autonomist’ politics in general [



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